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Why you may want to update your SCEC Voter Data now…

March 9, 2009


Statewide candidates, issue based organizations and or general consultants,

As you can see there have been 250k moves, adds and changes since the last update and purge.  As most of you know NCOA either 24 or 48 will not cleanse your database to the 95+ percentile, so the math is easy to do and the time is right to update.  Let us take a rate of actual folks filing NCOA, well take a high number per the USPS of 50% and so if you were to mail statewide at a great rate of lets say 50 cents CASS cert and sorted mailer at 125,000 returns you would have a loss of $31,250.00  this loss would be more common to a business broadstroking the state or that is to say not targeted but anyhow you get the idea.  It is very cost effective to simply update your lists and make certain to household and or sub-household via constituency, demograhic, et cetera.

[Update] We are discussing registered or previously registered voters…


Jeffrey Sewell, MCP
Principal Consultant
Sewell Consultancy, LLC

(803) 318-3000 cell

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