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A Message from the Chairman – LCRP

April 2, 2009

A Message from the Chairman


Dear Friend and Delegate:

First, thank you for taking time to attend this year’s Lexington County Republican Convention. The past two years have flown by very quickly. In 2007, I was honored to be elected First Vice Chairman. Through a series of events, I now serve as your Chairman. I am deeply grateful to have served you in both these capacities.

Together, during the last two years, we have achieved much. It is appropriate to take a moment and see just what we have done.

● Held a successful Bronze Elephant Banquet raising close to $15,000.

● Raised our paid membership to the highest level in four years.

● Were able to contribute thousands to vulnerable candidates in 2008.

● Launched a strong grassroots, mail, and phone effort in the General Election.

● Saw a record 76% turnout in the 2008 General Election.

● Gave McCain 11% more votes in 2008 than Bush in 2004.

● We gave McCain more votes than any other county except Greenville.

● Lexington County gave McCain the 2nd highest percentage of votes in the state.

● Congressman Wilson received his highest vote total ever in Lexington in 2008.

● All of our Republican incumbents won.

● 315 Republicans attended Regional precinct meetings with a 22% increase

over 2007.

We have done our job, and done it well. However, our Party will face a liberal democrat onslaught in 2010 and we must be prepared. We are facing challenges to our liberty unlike ever before. Our fundamental way of life is under attack in Washington and we must rally our Republican troops to push back the forces that seek to move our country down a socialistic path.

My term as your Chairman has come to an end. However, you and I will continue to be the watchdog for our conservative values and the protector of our Constitution. We will not go quietly into the night but will continue to carry the torch of freedom, justice and

democracy high for all to follow. Never apologize for your beliefs and never compromise your values. If Obama wants a fight, I say bring it on. We are Republicans and we never surrender! God bless you and may God bless our country.


Scott Malyerck

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