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State and Greenville Dems Respond to GOP Election Lawsuit

April 20, 2009

For Immediate Release
Press Contact: Keiana Page (803) 799-7798
April 20, 2009

State and Greenville Dems Respond to GOP Election Lawsuit

Columbia, SC- South Carolina Democratic Party Chair Carol Fowler and Greenville County Democratic Party Chair Kevin Mertens issued the following statement today in response to a lawsuit filed by Greenville County Republican Party Chair Samuel Harms. The GOP chairman wants to have parts of the state election law declared unconstitutional in order to control who can vote in Republican primaries.

“The Democratic Party believes in making it easier, not harder, to participate in the electoral process. We want to encourage more, not fewer, people to take part in voting in the primaries that select our Democratic nominees. In an effort to tighten his control on who can represent his party in a general election, Mr. Harms would turn away good citizens who are seeking a voice in their government,” said Fowler.

“The Greenville County Democratic Party believes that all South Carolina voters should be allowed to vote for whatever candidate best reflects their personal views. As a political party chair, Mr. Harms should be doing more to encourage voters to participate in every election instead of trying to keep people away from the polls.” said Mertens.

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