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Governor Mark Sanford

April 22, 2009

Dear Friends,

Given the South Carolina Senate’s plans to debate the state budget this week, I thought it important to write and ask that you urge your state Senator to vote for responsible spending that funds core government services and pays down debt.

Now is the time to make your voice heard for a few reasons.

One, when you’re in a financial hole, it’s time to stop digging – and if the all of the stimulus money is simply spent on growing government, it guarantees South Carolina will be in a $740 million hole when the federal money dries up.

Two, when you get a financial windfall, it’s prudent to go back to our grandparents’ notion of putting some money away for a rainy day. The stimulus represents the ultimate lottery for states, which is why we’re pushing to pay down debt just as a family in the same situation would be wise to pay off their car loan or mortgage.

Three, reforms often don’t come when times are good. If we don’t hold back some stimulus money for debt relief, there’s no incentive for the legislature to help us reform the broken way our government operates.

This is a rubber-meets-the-road moment, and I’d ask once again, if you agree with us on making reforms long overdue in our state and using some of this financial windfall to pay down state debt, that you contact your respective Senator and urge them to vote likewise.

Thank you for your time, and for your continued efforts on this front.

Take care,

Mark Sanford

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