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Karen Floyd for SC GOP – Activist Army Update

April 29, 2009

Dear Friends,

I don’t have to tell you how tough it’s been for Republicans to regroup nationally. Just in the past week, Republicans suffered setbacks that liberal talking heads tout as further proof of American families rejecting conservative ideals. Democrat Al Franken moved closer to becoming a U.S. Senator, Republican Jim Tedisco lost New York’s congressional special election, and yesterday Senator Arlen Specter announced his decision to become a Democrat.

But I want to share with you a powerful example of hardworking families embracing these conservative ideals when Republicans stay true to them.

Last night, Republicans made history in Cherokee County. Reform-minded conservative candidate Steve Moss, backed by grassroots activists who believe in the principles of the South Carolina Republican Party platform, was elected to represent Cherokee County in the State House. The House seat Steve won had been held by Democrats for decades.

Steve Moss promised to run a clean campaign based on issues. Steve honored his pledge even as his Democrat opponent leveled dishonest personal attacks against him. And Steve won because he embodied his conservative Republican message of faith, family, limited government, personal responsibility, integrity, and lower taxes. He walked the walk when others just talked the talk.

I was proud to join members of my “Activist Army” in Cherokee County on Monday and Tuesday to make a small contribution to the Republican team’s historic win. But the stakes are too high for us to be satisfied with this win. Please take a moment to join my “Activist Army” of conservative Republican leaders if you haven’t already by clicking here. I’d be honored to have your support, and when I’m elected Chairman of the South Carolina Republican Party, we can continue to make history together as we continue fighting for the conservative values we hold dear.


Karen Floyd

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