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House Republicans Strip all Democratic Appointments to TRAC

April 30, 2009

For Immediate Release:

April 30, 2009

Contact: Tyler Jones, Executive Director (803) 467-8607

House Republicans Strip all Democratic Appointments to TRAC

Columbia, SC – Partisan Politics reached an all-time high on Thursday as Republicans in the House passed an amended version of S.12, establishing what was supposed to be a bipartisan Tax Realignment Commission. The legislation that passed in the Senate allowed for the eleven member committee to be appointed by leaders in both houses and both parties. But House Republicans amended this portion of the bill in the Ways and Means Committee stripping the power of appointments from both the Democratic leaders in the House and Senate. This overtly political move will ensure that the Tax Realignment Commission will be represented by a completely Republican body.

When House Democrats proposed amendments that would reinsert the original language that passed in the Senate, Republicans consistently voted their amendments down.

Rep. Chris Hart (D-Richland) said that removing all Democrats from the commission is an irresponsible and petty political charade.

Hart asked, “How can we allow the same people who caused our tax problems, to be fully in charge of fixing them?”

“I was elected to give all of my constituents a voice in Columbia,” said Rep. Vida Miller (D-Georgetown). “Unfortunately this commission will no longer reflect the views of South Carolina. It will only represent the views of one political party, and that’s not the way to get things done.”

Democrats hope that Speaker of the House Bobby Harrell will appoint members to the Commission that reflect the diverse views of South Carolina.

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