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Senator Bryant Opposes Teacher Furlough Budget

April 30, 2009


Senator Bryant Opposes Teacher Furlough Budget

Senator Kevin Bryant (R-Anderson) today voted against the budget
passed by the South Carolina Senate because it resulted in the firing
of thousands of teachers. Senator Bryant said that, “I opposed the
Senate budget because it compels the termination of thousands of
public school teachers across South Carolina. I supported yesterday
the Ryberg/Davis proposal which funded education in the classroom at
the highest level in the history of South Carolina and ensured that
all teachers would be in the classroom next year. The majority of the
Senate rejected that. I cannot support their proposal to throw
teachers into the street.”

Senator Bryant noted that, “The Senate budget ensures that not
only will thousands of teachers be shown the door but also that
children next year will go into a classroom with twenty-five or thirty
or more of their fellow students. Education, the real learning in the
classroom, will only occur through the chaos that results from crowded
classrooms and fewer teachers. Next year parents across South Carolina
will be saying that, ‘Never have so many students learned so little
from so few teachers.’”

Senator Bryant called upon the House of Representatives to
reconsider the priorities of the budget and fully fund teachers in the
classroom. Senator Bryant said that, “We provided a budget that fully
funds classroom teachers. Teachers will only lose their jobs if the
politicians in Columbia give in to the status quo.”

Kevin L. Bryant
SC Senate District 3
104-A North Avenue
Anderson, SC 29625

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