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May Update: Putting South Carolinians First: Andre Bauer

May 2, 2009

The Rundown

May Update

The Rundown
1) Senior Health Symposium and Haywood Mall Walk
2) Restructuring South Carolina Government
3) Your Support
4) 46,000 pairs of shoes to underprivileged children

1) Senior Health Symposium and Haywood Mall Walk

On April 4th Palmetto Health Richland, Dr. Oscar Lovelace, the National Lieutenant Governors Association, and the Lt. Governor’s Office on Aging conducted a health screening and encouraged seniors to live a healthier life through diet and exercise. Overall, the health screening was a success and we reached 50+ seniors.

On April 24th my office joined upstate senior centers, American Heart Association, and the Arthritis foundation to kick off the Lt. Governor’s Challenge with a wellness walk at Haywood Mall in Greenville. Overall, this event was a success too! 75+ upstate residents came for a 20 minute walk around the mall and a blood pressure check.

We plan on having the next walk at Columbiana Mall toward the end of May. So, if you live in the mid-lands please come and join me for a fun morning of walking.

2) Restructuring South Carolina Government

While the Lt. Governor’s Office on Aging remains a strong advocate for South Carolina’s seniors, many essential senior services are being provided by numerous state agencies and jurisdictions. With these services and programs spread throughout state government, there is a lack of communication and accountability.

It is critical that senior services be restructured and put under one existing agency in order to improve communications and accountability and ultimately improve the quality of life for South Carolina’s senior citizens.

The intent of this plan is to improve the delivery of senior services and to eliminate duplication in South Carolina, by consolidating programs into the existing Office on Aging. The plan incorporates programs and services from seven existing agencies into the expanded and enhanced Lt. Governor’s Office on Aging. While it is important to show true cost savings, it is equally important that South Carolina seniors have a one-stop State Unit on Aging which provides enhanced and improved senior services.

Consolidating services under one management could not only lead to a potential savings of $48 million, it should make those services more effective for South Carolina families.

3) Your Support

This legislative session has been hard fought in Columbia. We have worked hard to keep big brother government out of your pocket.

Every day, we hear prophecies of doom and gloom. And, it is true, these are the “times the try men’s souls,” as Thomas Paine once wrote. When I look around, I see that our problems are not with our ideas or principles, but it’s our failure to stand by those ideas and principles.

I hear the message loud and clear.

As presiding officer of the State Senate, I have stayed true to those conservative values of fiscal responsibility and I have stopped over $2 billion in tax increases.

The Lieutenant Governor’s Office on Aging, which I lead, has consistently done more with less staff and continues to stretch dollars further on behalf of our state’s seasoned citizens. We have been good stewards of the state budget and I believe as taxpayers, you money is better spent by YOU not the Government.

As we continue to work on your behalf, I also am looking to the future and asking for your financial support in a small way.

Contribute what you can at . Or, drop a check in the mail to the Committee to Re-elect Andre Bauer, Post Office Box 5088, Columbia, SC 29250.

Thank you for support. I couldn’t do this every day without your help, friendship and prayers.

4) 46,000 pairs of shoes to underprivileged children

On May 13th, my office will be teaming up with Samaritan’s Feet to launch an initiative to distribute 46,000 pairs of shoes to underprivileged children across the state before the start of school this August.

We will also be working with organizations such as The Department of Education, United Way of SC, and the Department of Social Services, with the goal to distribute roughly 1,000 pairs of shoes in each of the 46 counties at no expense to the tax payer. This is just another example of where I believe that the community has the responsibility to address a social issue rather than government.

There will be a press conference on May 13th at 1:00 p.m. in the State House Lobby to officially kick off the event. On that day, I will be presiding over the senate bare footed to raise awareness for the cause. We will have a pilot distribution day on May 30th in York County where we will be distributing shoes to children in the Rock Hill and Fort Mill areas.

There will be a statewide initiative to follow on August 15 where we will hit the other 45 counties. We already have the shoes sitting in a warehouse ready to go, but the real chore will be getting them onto the feet of those 46,000 children in our state that need them most. With your help, and through faith in God, I know that we can make this program a total success of change many lives.

To find out how you can help with the SC Samaritan’s Feet initiative, please contact my office at 734-1979. To find out more about the program, please visit:

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