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Karen Floyd for SC GOP – Activist Army Update

May 4, 2009

Dear Jeffrey,

I was extremely excited to be with many of you on Saturday in Columbia! We were overwhelmed by the outpouring of support and enthusiasm – and standing room only crowd – at our Karen Floyd for Chairman Statewide Leadership Committee Meeting. Thank you to everyone who sacrificed time away from your families and friends to help us plan for the final weeks of this historic campaign!

On the way home from Columbia, I heard the news that one of America’s greatest freedom fighters, Reagan Revolutionary and one-time GOP vice-presidential nominee Jack Kemp, had passed away. Jack Kemp was a hero to many conservative Republicans. Jack Kemp spent his long career in public service fighting for tax reform, school choice, expanded economic opportunity and free enterprise – conservative cornerstones of the South Carolina Republican Party platform.

I’m running for chairman because I want to continue fighting passionately for conservative ideals Jack Kemp fought for. But there’s more. I want to lead the South Carolina Republican Party into next year’s critical election cycle because elections matter. They have consequences for our children and grandchildren.

Just 100 days into his administration, President Barack Obama already gets to appoint a justice to the U.S. Supreme Court. The only check on President Obama’s judicial nominees will be conservatives like Jim DeMint. Next year, Washington liberals will be gunning for Jim DeMint.

That’s why I need you to join my “Activist Army” today. If we mobilize now, we’ll be ready to beat back any liberal challenge to Jim DeMint and send him back to Washington where he’ll continue to be our clear and consistent conservative voice – and honor the memory of freedom fighters like Jack Kemp.

Click here to join my “Activist Army.”


Karen Floyd

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