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House Republicans Welcome Rep. Dennis Moss to the Caucus

May 15, 2009



MAY 15, 2009
For More Information:
House Speaker Bobby Harrell
(803) 734-3125
Majority Leader Kenny Bingham
(803) 734-3139

House Republicans Welcome
Rep. Dennis Moss to the Caucus
Brings House Republican Majority to 73 Members

COLUMBIA – The House Republicans Caucus received a letter today announcing that Rep. Dennis Moss of Gaffney intends to switch parties and become a Republican.

“I came to this decision after weeks of soul-searching and consulting with my family and friends,” Rep. Moss said. “This is not a decision I made lightly, but as my State House voting record indicates, I find myself siding with Republicans on the issues important to my constituents.

“The only thing that has changed is the letter after my name. I am still the person the people of Cherokee County have elected twice and I will continue to work hard for my constituents and represent their views in Columbia.”

Joining Rep. Moss at the noon press conference were more than 75 people, including House Speaker Bobby Harrell, House Majority Leader Kenny Bingham, Assistant Majority Leader Bruce Bannister, Chairmen Dan Cooper and Bill Sandifer, Republican Party Chairman Katon Dawson, Reps. Eric Bedingfield, Steve Moss, Rita Allison, Lanny Littlejohn, Keith Kelly, Mike Gambrell, Greg Delleney, Brian White, Senator Harvey Peeler.

“Last month’s election and today’s announcement gives Cherokee County a seat at the table in Columbia it hasn’t had in more than two decades,” said Majority Leader Bingham. “This shows that the Republican Party is alive and well in South Carolina and talk of a Democrat takeover is little more than chest-thumping rhetoric.”

Combined with the election of Rep. Steve Moss from Blacksburg last month, it brings the House Republican Caucus majority to 73 members.

“I am more than happy to welcome Dennis Moss into the South Carolina House Republican Caucus,” said Speaker Harrell. “Dennis has a very conservative record in the House and his beliefs fall directly inline with those of our Republican Party. His addition to our Caucus adds to the large Republican majority the people of this state have clearly said they want representing them.”

Rep. Dennis Moss is in his third term, after being elected twice as a Democrat. He initially filled the House District 29 seat vacated after the retirement of Dewitt McCraw. Rep. Steve Moss was sworn in to represent District 30 on Tuesday after the a special election was called following the death of Olin Phillips last December.


This is Rep. Dennis Moss’ third session in the House of Representatives.  He will be seeking a third term in 2010.


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