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Release – House Speaker Comments on Budget Vetoes

May 19, 2009

Office of the Speaker



May 19, 2009

Contact: Greg Foster

(803) 734-3125

House Speaker Comments on Budget Vetoes

(Columbia, SC) – House Speaker Bobby Harrell issued the following statement about the budget vetoes Governor Sanford announced today:

“First, this so-called stimulus bill should have never been passed, and second, we would have liked to use the money on paying down debt. However, the federal package was passed into law despite our objections and the President said twice we could not use it to pay down debt. It is simply not legally possible to do what the Governor is saying; it would only ensure that South Carolina’s money would be sent to other states while our citizens are left paying it back. The Governor’s vetoes takes away money that would keep teachers in the classroom and criminals in prisons. We owe it to our teachers and law enforcement officers to override these vetoes.”

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  1. Sylvia Backman permalink
    May 20, 2009 9:12 am

    Maybe Bobby Harrell and the ones talking about overiding the veto by the Governor should read the 33 page report like I did. Maybe then they would see that they should be supporting the governor and take those vetoed items off the submitted budget.

    The people of SC are being misled by some longtime politicians who think pork is the answer to everything and is responsible for absolutely nothing.

    If we accept the stimulus money where do you think that kind of money will come from when it runs out? Teachers will lose their jobs later and we will be no better off fiscally than we are now. IN fact, we will be much worse off than now if we do accept the stimulus money and this overriden budget.

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