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Michael Reagan Says CA Voters Sent Message to Sacramento and Washington, D.C.

May 20, 2009

For Immediate Release:
May 20, 2009

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Michael Reagan Says CA Voters Sent Message to Sacramento and Washington, D.C.: ‘No Way to 1A and No New Taxes’
SAN DIEGO, May 20 — Michael Reagan, a staunch opponent of California’s 1A ballot initiative, Wednesday praised Golden State voters for rejecting the ballot measure imposing a $16 billion tax hike on California families — the largest proposed tax increase in state history.

The 1A ballot initiative was defeated by a wide margin, with over 65% of California voters rejecting the measure. All but one of six ballot propositions were defeated during yesterday’s special election to address the state’s burgeoning budget deficit.

“California voters have spoken — and lawmakers in Sacramento and across the nation would do well to listen. The people told state government ‘NO’ to increased spending, ‘NO’ to higher taxes, and ‘NO WAY Prop 1A,'” said Reagan at last night’s watch party.

Reagan, who was a guest speaker at an April 15, 2009 Tea Party in Sacramento, stated how satisfied his father, former California Governor and former President Ronald Reagan, would be to see so many Americans fighting against over taxation and out-of-control spending. “At 1A’s defeat, he would be beaming with pride! We certainly did win one more for the ‘Gipper,'” said Reagan, who is Ronald Reagan’s eldest son.

“Our fight started in Sacramento that day…but certainly does not end there,” Reagan said, vowing to take the fight against high taxes and massive spending to state Capitols across the nation, with a final destination of Washington, DC.

Noting that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi campaigned for passage of 1A, Reagan said, “Speaker Pelosi was on the wrong side on Prop. 1A and she is on the wrong side of increased taxes and spending coming out of Washington.”

“I helped defeat the Terminator on 1A — and starting now, I’ll begin focusing on Speaker Spendinator!” he said. “We must regroup for tomorrow. We must regroup for the larger battles that lie ahead — getting ready to ‘tea-off’ against higher taxes!”

Reagan said Americans “from all walks of life are becoming increasingly frustrated at having to budget their own households while footing the bill for politicians and corporations who can’t do so themselves.”

“We don’t want, nor can we afford, a repeat of Prop. 1A on the national level,” he said. In 1978, Californians struck a similar blow against higher taxes through another ballot initiative called Proposition 13. Ronald Reagan helped champion that effort, which many believe was the opening salvo in what became known as the “Reagan Revolution.”

Just as Ronald Reagan and Jack Kemp rode the anti-tax hike wave in California to a national movement, so will today’s crusaders who believe in sound fiscal policy and an America that rewards productivity rather than punishes it, Michael Reagan said.

“So as you glance at Tuesday’s election results, remember that as goes California’s defeat of a measure to increase state taxes, so goes Washington’s hopes to do the same,” said Reagan.

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CONTACT: Kirsten Fedewa of Kirsten Fedewa & Assoc., +1-202-365-6936, for Action for America

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