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PICKENS GOP Regarding E-Verify

May 26, 2009
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Sean Hannity reported yesterday that E-verify is in danger of not being reauthorized. E-verify is a web based employee verification system provided free of charge to employers. It’s a very reliable (96.1 percent) verification system for ensuring illegal workers are identified. It uses the Social Security Administration database and is maintained by the U.S. Homeland Security Department.

South Carolina law requires that public works employers use E-verify to ensure workers on taxpayer funded projects are legal.

The Democrat led U.S. Senate has thus far failed to re-authorize funding for E-verify and it appears there may not be a workable compromise near term. Therefore, E-verify will sunset later this year, leaving the door open for contractors to hire illegal workers for stimulus funded construction projects.

South Carolina will receive billions in federal stimulus funds for public works projects.

Since it’s unlikely the U.S. Senate will act, I urge you to contact South Carolina lawmakers and request they amend S.C. law to require some other form of worker verification if E-verify expires. We may not be able to use state law to prevent stimulus dollars from stimulating illegal workers, but we ought to try.

This amendment needs to be done this year before stimulus projects commence. If it requires a special session, then that’s what needs to happen.

Please contact elected officials and ask them to stop the use of illegal workers on South Carolina stimulus projects.

Thanks, Phillip

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  1. brittanicus permalink
    May 26, 2009 9:47 pm

    When Prop 187 was deviously eradicated before being filed with the higher courts, has obviously attributed to the budget crash in California. You cannot blame the majority of this mess on Arnold, because millions of illegal aliens and families have been given full access to governmental benefits by the Democratic Liberal Socialist morons in Sacramento for years.

    Can anybody tell me why we are forced by Federal mandate to pay for all the needs of illegal aliens? Can anybody inform the people, why businesses pay absolutely– NOTHING–for their upkeep? Can anybody say why Americans will put up with this travesty, because if we start deporting, by whatever means? That prisons will start to empty, our schools will return to places of education and performance without serious overcrowding? That our schools would no longer have to grovel for school materials, instead of teachers, have the kids sell food items to parents? Can any taxpayer tell me why we must allow foreign children receive lower tuition fees than our own children.

    That the federal and state treasuries will begin a slow upsurge towards solvency? That we can once again afford health care for our impoverished citizens, including food stamps and low income housing–instead of being intentionally ignored by Washington? Can anybody tell me why our legislators are in collusion with anti-sovereignty, pro-illegal labor, free traders, who have devastated the less skilled American workers? Can anybody tell me why the majority party wants to pass another AMNESTY? That will give even more illegal aliens access to our wilting Social Security and pensions? Can anybody tell me why with a new path to citizenship, millions of family members will be admitted under the family unification, which you will also need to be supported? Is there any logic reason to pass the AGJOB bill for foreign farm workers, when their is a law in place already? Can anybody impress on me why illegal labor, who taxpayers subsides, yet our government allows them to send billions of dollars overseas?

    Can anybody rationalize to me, why the Supreme Court says having a bogus social security number is not a felony? Can anybody tell me why we admit 2.5 million legal immigrants annually, but our lawmakers give lip service to enforcing an undermanned, partially built border fence, or enforce the border permanently with Nation Guard troops? Can anybody offer an explanation why E-Verify, 247(g) or the Real ID act has been weakened, by Sen. Harry Reid, Speaker Pelosi and a host of other confederates to weaken our immigration laws? Can anybody tell me why they want to count millions of illegal aliens in the census, thus giving more fraudulent seats in Congress to Sanctuary States like California and more funding. Can anybody express to me why many larger newspapers and media don’t expose the truth about the out-of-control crime by illegal nationals The ugly facts at NUMBERSUSA.

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