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Campaigns and Elections Deadline to book your room TODAY for Art of Political Campaigning

May 29, 2009

Actually, the deadline is tomorrow, but you must book your room for the Art of Political Campaigning at the Washington Marriott by calling 202-872-1500. Mention Campaigns & Elections for your discounted rate.

Campaigns & Elections’ Politics magazine has been the premiere institute for political training since 1983. We have helped tens of thousands of local candidates win their next race and assisted associations in learning how to get their issues heard. Click here to register. Exciting topics include (partial list):

–Avoiding Legal Armageddon on your Campaign
The campaign environment is filled with legal pitfalls. From new political calling requirements to complying with difficult FEC and FCC regulations, expert guidance is now a must. Hear from talented campaign lawyers and successful practitioners on what you must know.

–Painting a Picture
Direct Mail: From Concept to Design to the Voter
With the never-ending clutter in potential supporters mailboxes, direct mail pieces face fierce competition. Good pieces must have what it takes to capture the attention of the voter. This session will focus on what information to include in a direct mail piece and how to make that content visually appealing enough to reach the voter.

–Winning nonpartisan local, state, judicial contests

How do you win a zoning fight? What does it take to win judicial and nonpartisan races? Learn here what are the keys to developing a coherent message when you can’t talk about your party.

–Low Budget, High Quality Campaign

Learn how to give the impression of a high dollar, well-funded operation when you are forced to operate on a shoestring.

For a complete list of topics, click here.

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