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Teacher Jobs Saved with Stimulus Funds will Create Lucky Millionaires

June 2, 2009

by Taft Matney

According to Dr. Rex at his town hall meeting in Greenville on May 28, 2009, “”We’re going to lose about 2600 jobs in South Carolina without the stimulus money, and about 1500 of those will be classroom teachers.” He went on to say that WITH the stimulus money, “we’re estimating that instead of 1500 teaching jobs, we’re probably talking about 1000.”

(NOTE: The sound may be difficult to hear, so you might need to increase the volume on your computer speakers.) With $700 million in available stimulus funds, that could make those 500 saved classroom positions worth $1.4 Million each. OK. We know that won’t be the case. What he’s saying is that just as the majority of every education dollar NEVER sees the classroom in this state ($0.56), administrative positions will be valued and protected over classroom teachers – those on the “front lines” actually working to educate our children. Where are the spending priorities?

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