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Charleston County Executive Committee Meeting June 8th 7 PM

June 3, 2009

Charleston County Executive Committee Meeting June 8th 7 PM
To members of Charleston County Republican Party

Lin Bennett
June 2 at 8:49am

Please join us for the CCGOP Executive Committee Meeting on June 8th at 7 PM at the N Charleston City Hall Chambers on Lacrosse Street off of Mall Drive in North Charleston. See our website for additional information and a map

Big issues are facing us this coming year including our own State and Local elections.

The census is currenlty being conducted by ACORN and redistricting will be affected by these results. We need to ensure that our state is protected from Obama gerrymandering. We can only do this if you are involved.

Voter ID did not pass the legislature and we need your help to make sure this gets passed before the next national election.

School choice also met is demise again this year. We need a strong, local group of citizens interested in the future of our children in order to protect their future.

Please join us and help to make Charleston a force that will cause our politicians to pay attention to our conservative values and princples.

Charleston County Republican Party


Basic Info

Network of Republicans interested in working for the betterment of our local community through political action.

Visit us at for more information.

Contact Info

Charleston, SC
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