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Governor Mark Sanford to speak to the LCRP on June 15, 2009

June 3, 2009

Rich Bolen
12:09 PM (40 minutes ago)

Governor’s address is 7:00 pm.

Dear Republicans,

I am very pleased to tell you that Governor Mark Sanford’s office contacted me yesterday June 2, 2009 and offered to speak to the LCRP on June 15, 2009 and I accepted on behalf of the Party. This meeting will be held at our usual meeting place the Lexington County Council Chambers. I realize that this is exactly a week before our Legislative Q & A at Hudson’s but the Governor obviously has a busy schedule and we may not have another opportunity like this. Additionally the timing is very interesting since the day after we hear from the Governor the Legislature will meet to consider his 10 vetoes which will be completed that week. Then the next Monday we will hear from the legislators about their actions on the vetoes. It also remains to be seen what the SC Supreme Court will do about the stimulus fight so that issue will still be percolating as well. So needless to say this could be a very interesting set of meetings and I think we all could learn a lot from them.

The Governor’s talk is not going to be a public meeting in the sense that we will not be advertising it and we will only be sending notices out to paid members, volunteers on the precinct lists and elected officials, generally people who have demonstrated a level of commitment to the LCRP. I consider this meeting with the Governor one of the benefits of volunteering your time and money to support the party. We will not be checking ID at the door but I do want to keep the attendance to the members if possible.

The Hudson’s event however is open to the public and for that event the more the merrier. Incidentally I still would like to hear from you if you plan to attend so I can give a rough head count to Hudson’s for seating and eating purposes. We are currently around 60 confirmed.

You all need to mark your calendar’s for these two events if you can possibly manage it. We need to have a good showing for our guests and for the press. This is also a good opportunity to evangelize non-party people and get them involved in the process. The stronger we are the better we will be able to resist the dark cloud coming out of Washington, DC.

We have traditionally not had an executive committee meeting in July and I do not plan to have one this year so you all will get plenty of rest after these two meetings before we get back to work at our regular meeting on August 3rd. Thanks for all your hard work and let’s get a good crowd out for both events.


Rich Bolen, Chairman
Lexington County Republican Party
PO Box 1346
Lexington, SC 29071
803-951-2328 (fax)

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