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On the road again, this time in Arkansas

June 4, 2009

by Tim Phillips, Americans for Prosperity

Dear Taxpayer,

It’s Thursday morning and we just finished another “Hot Air Tour” rally in Fayetteville, Arkansas with a whole bunch of fired up activists who sent a strong message to Senators Pryor and Lincoln to vote NO to the job-killing, energy tax increasing Cap and Trade legislation. I met a great American named Sim, who is an 84-year-old World War II veteran. He served 28 months as a combat engineer in the Pacific in battles like Saipan. What an honor it is to have a hero like Sim on our side.

This 2nd leg of our “Hot Air Tour” started Tuesday night in St Louis where over 340 folks roared back “YES” when I asked them if they were ready to take back our country for freedom and prosperity. One of the first folks to arrive at that rally was a man who drove 90 miles to, as he put it, “send the politicians a message.”

An older couple I spoke with from the St. Charles area told me they were attending their first ever political event because they heard about AFP on the local news talk radio station and had to get involved. A grandmother was there with her daughter and two granddaughters, all of whom went up for a ride in our “Hot Air Tour” balloon. We’ve got great pictures of this event so click here to take a look.

Nationally syndicated talk show host, Phil Valentine, was the star attraction at our rally in Nashville on Wednesday morning but the real heroes were the over 240 activists who poured onto the Tennessee fairgrounds on a hot June morning to tell their two Senators — Corker and Alexander — to vote NO on Cap and Trade. Click here for pictures.

Last night in Little Rock, we had a group of radical environmental protestors show up at our event and it was helpful. I’m serious.

Hearing what these guys really believe helped our activists understand the threat we are facing. You see, they admitted through their taunts and jeers that they actually want higher gasoline prices and higher utility bills on American families. They want to change how Americans live their lives because of a radical Global Warming ideology that says people are the problem. They want GOVERNMENT to force us to drive less and live in smaller homes and they want fewer jobs that in their view harm the earth.

Forget freedom. Forget the American Dream of hope and opportunity. They want GOVERNMENT dictating our lives.

We’re not going to let these radicals win on Global Warming…or should I say Climate Change. They keep changing the name of their ideology depending upon the weather.

We’re going to keep fighting and keep working and keep organizing.

Heck, I’m already looking forward to the 3rd leg of our “Hot Air Tour” that begins in Montana on June 22 and goes into North Dakota, South Dakota and Nebraska.

As you may know, Cap and Trade legislation is moving its way through the House of Representatives, and Nancy Pelosi is preparing for a big fight – even within her own party. You can read more the impending showdown on the AFP blog. If you haven’t contacted your member of Congress yet to tell him to vote “NO” on any cap and trade proposal, you can do so by clicking here now. (Or if you have already, it never hurts to let ’em hear from you again!)

Thank you for all you do for freedom. But, get ready for a long, hot (and I mean politically hot) summer.

Much lies ahead and we’re going to need your passion and commitment to turn our country around.

Tim Phillips

Nationally syndicated talk show host, Phil Valentine, joined us in Nashville along with a superb speaker from our friends at the Tennessee Center for Policy Research at the second event of our second leg of the “Hot Air Tour”.

Most important however, were the over 240 grassroots activists who poured onto the Tennessee fairgrounds on a hot June morning to send their Senators a message — vote NO on the job killing, energy tax increasing Cap and Trade legislation!

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