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Palmetto Family Council — Reaction to Governor Sanford News Conference

June 24, 2009
Today, South Carolinians received some very disappointing news from Governor Mark Sanford. At an afternoon news conference, the Governor expressed deep regret for an extra-marital affair that has taken place over the past year of his life and the deception that has played out over the last week during his absence from the state.

We at Palmetto Family Council are saddened by this news. The traditional family, grounded in the fidelity of marriage, is the bedrock of society. Any deliberate act  which contributes to the breakdown of this social cornerstone is a crime against not only those in his family but against society itself. We are shocked by these events, and yet as the voice for biblical values in public life, we are encouraged by the apparent forthrightness of Governor Sanford’s remarks, his desire to relate the truth, and the contrition with which he made his announcement.

In this difficult time for Governor Sanford’s family and for all South Carolinians, let us take this opportunity to encourage each other to be in prayer for Governor and Mrs. Sanford and their four sons.

Pray that God will begin the healing process, the reconciliation, and the restoration of their marriage…and that in all things every member of the First Family will put their family first.

That’s an important goal for all of us.


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  1. Carol Bishop permalink
    June 24, 2009 7:07 pm

    I am just sick- really sick like migraine sick about this and so heartbroken and saddened. This is very well written and I applaude you.
    You hit the nail on the head.

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