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House Minority Leader Responds to Governor’s Press Conference

June 24, 2009

June 24, 2009

Contact: Jessica Painter, (803) 242-1150

House Minority Leader Responds to Governor’s Press Conference

Columbia, S C – Today, House Minority Leader Representative Harry Ott released the following statement about Governor Sanford’s announcement:

“I am shocked and disappointed as I’m sure every other South Carolinian is at this time and quite frankly I’m having a difficult time digesting what has developed. As a Christian, I will be praying for Mark Sanford, Jenny and their family and I truly, truly hope that they ask God to be with them through this difficult time in their lives. No one that walks this earth is without sin and we all fall short at times. “

“However, I do believe that his decision to engage in an extramarital affair coupled with the fact that I believe he deliberately misled his staff and the people of South Carolina over an extended period of time must come with serious consequences. Too many times of late, elected officials have let down the people that have placed great trust in their judgment. South Carolinians deserve better, we as a society deserve better.”

“Mark Sanford will be faced with many difficult decisions in the days ahead. I hope that his decisions will be what is in the best interest of his family and the people of South Carolina. We must pick up the pieces and move forward as a state.”

“I ask that all South Carolinians pray for the Sanford family. Also, let us rally together, as South Carolinians always do, to come out of these troubling times for a brighter tomorrow.”


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