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I’m resigning; Sanford should, too

June 28, 2009

by Rep. Carl Gullick

South Carolina House of Representatives

Next month, I will be resigning from the South Carolina State Legislature. For the good of the citizens of South Carolina, I think Governor Mark Sanford should resign, as well.

My decision was easy: my wife and I will be moving to another state later this year. Knowing this, I have timed my resignation to be in the best interests of the taxpayers. Sure, I could selfishly hold onto my seat for another 18 months, but I chose to put the citizens ahead of my own self-interest.

Gov. Sanford should also put the citizens first and step down.

The developments of the last week will render Sanford unable to effectively lead this state in the months ahead, and this immediate future is critical. South Carolina simply cannot afford to be rudderless as it faces the problems of record high unemployment, failing schools, and other serious challenges. These conditions demand strong and effective leadership.

Can Sanford recruit industries to solve the unemployment problem — currently third-worst in the nation? It’s hard to imagine many corporate CEO’s will now be recommending to their Boards of Directors that they open a new industrial plant in Mark Sanford’s state.

Unfortunately, Sanford can no longer get the job done. Some polls show that more than 70% of South Carolinians want the Governor to resign.

Despite this overwhelming public sentiment for Sanford’s resignation, a few politicians are now trying to stall Sanford’s resignation for THEIR own political interests. Three 2010 candidates for Governor — putting their political self-interests ahead of the clear public interest — are acting together in a coordinated campaign to stop Lt. Governor Andre Bauer from taking over.

They have embarked on a media campaign to make Bauer seem to be an unappealing alternative, enlisting even national figures to cast subtle stones in Bauer’s direction.

But the South Carolinians who have watched him grow and mature into a solid public servant know that Lt. Governor Bauer is ready to lead.

Three key issues demonstrate Bauer’s readiness:

First, the ability to overcome obstacles.

These are tough times. Our state faces many of the same challenges we have struggled with for decades. Only now, we must find ways to overcome those challenges during the weakest global economy in history. Andre Bauer knows how to overcome obstacles… possibly more than any other elected official in the state.

Second, recruiting industry.

With the third highest unemployment in the nation, our governor must be able to recruit industry so we can put our people back to work. Bauer is a proven hard-worker who will put in whatever time it takes to bring new jobs to our state. He is a natural-born salesman, and an enthusiastic advocate for our state.

Third, and most importantly, is restoring trust in government.

We must return the communication, cooperation, and common sense to state government, which has been missing during Sanford’s six-and-a-half years. With the problems we face, we can ill afford to have the legislative and executive branches constantly in a state of war.

Bauer has a record of open, honest communication, get-it-done cooperation, and good, solid common sense. He understands how to stand up for his principles, but also use his common sense to promote the greater good of our state.

Not once, but twice, the people of South Carolina elected Andre Bauer as their Lt. Governor, with the trust that he could, at any time, accept the role of governor.

For the good of South Carolina, Mark Sanford should step down and hand the reigns to a highly qualified and ready Lt. Governor

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  1. Charles_Pinckney permalink
    June 28, 2009 7:37 pm

    We will all miss Carl Gullick….right after we figure out who he is.

  2. shaggy permalink
    June 28, 2009 10:50 pm

    I’ll miss him too. Another status quo RINO out the door. Isn’t he the guy who got the SNOT kicked out of him by John Spratt in 2000 when Bush led a rising tide in South Carolina. He only got into the State House because Ralph Norman ran to get the snot kicked out of him by Spratt in another bush year.

    Seriously, This is is Sanford’s decision to make. Not yours or anybody elses and the longer we keep fanning the flames the worse it is for the state.


  1. Carl Gullick Speaks Out About Sanford

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