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Inglis: 16 reasons to oppose public option health care plan; town meeting tonight at 7 pm

August 6, 2009

Office of U.S. Rep. Bob Inglis (R-SC)

Immediate Release: Thursday, August 6, 2009

Contact: Price Atkinson

864.232.1141 or 864.494.8754

Inglis: 16 reasons to oppose public option health care plan
Health Care topic of town hall meeting tonight in Boiling Springs

U.S. Rep. Bob Inglis (R-SC) will hold another town hall meeting tonight at the Upstate Family Resource Center in Boiling Springs (1850 Old Furnace Rd.). The town meeting is the seventh in a series of 12 and will begin at 7 p.m.

Inglis plans to go door-to-door in a Boiling Springs neighborhood in advance of the town meeting. Staff members from the Fourth District office will also be available 30 minutes prior to each town meeting to assist constituents needing help with federal agencies.

In advance of tonight’s town meeting, Inglis listed 16 objections to the legislation being proposed by Congressional Democrats and President Obama. “Plenty of reasons,” he said, “to vote this bill down, come together on a plan that will work and solve the American challenge of paying for health care.”

Reasons Rep. Bob Inglis opposes H.R. 3200

* Inclusion of a public option competing with private insurers- lead to single payer system which will destroy choice and innovation, ultimately will ration by waiting
* Taxpayer funded abortions could be provided – no exclusion language
* Adds tax in a recession on individuals and small businesses
* Job killer – Makes job creation more costly, rather than reducing cost
* Does not address medical liability reform
* Grows government
* Creation of Insurance Exchange focuses on minimum benefits and mandates without incentive for innovation or specialization
* No incentive for quality outcomes
* Current private employer-offered plans will be driven into exchange program within five years
* Public plan option will reimburse providers at Medicare-style negotiated rates which could be below private insurer rates- causing a major cost shift and undercut private insurers.
* Adds entitlement program that will hamper recovery and add to the $32 trillion obligation of Medicare
* Government mandate is the only way to control costs
* Insufficient individual responsibility or choice
* Insufficient reforms of Medicare and Medicaid
* Expands Medicaid rather than transition those individuals to the private insurance to have ability to choose their own health plan
* Inadequate incentive for healthy behaviors, prevention, and wellness from a patient and provider standpoint

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