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Governor Mark Sanford Answers Hypercritical Media & Candidates On State Travel Allegations

August 13, 2009

South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford

By Governor Mark Sanford

In my first race for Congress a local reporter in Myrtle Beach had taken a few words from an interview and used them in a different context to paint a picture that was far from what I believed. When I confronted him on taking my words out of context his simple reply was, “Life is out of context.”

I believed then, as I do today, that when reporters, who are supposedly there to simply report the news, do these sorts of things in telling the story they favor, it isn’t right – and it seems to me this past weekend’s story on airplane travel falls along these lines.

I’ve always held the media, the so-called fourth branch of government, in high regard as holding people accountable is absolutely vital to the working of an open political system. I messed up and deserve my licks for it – but this doesn’t give some in the media license to write as they please. Anyone with a busy and intertwined life can be made to look foolish if one ignores the larger context of travel within the state – so let me offer two points of context and then a couple of examples showing why I believe this past weekend’s story and its approach are wrong.

The first point of context would be that I have used the state plane less than my predecessors. When measuring four year terms, Governor Campbell flew 451.6 hours, Governor Beasley flew 303.17 hours and Governor Hodges flew 310.06 hours, while I flew 228.95 hours.

I’ve always tried to watch out for the taxpayer dime and accordingly have tried to be as judicious as possible in using the state plane. I tried to go the extra mile here because of the 228.95 hours I flew roughly 70 were actually in the single engine Cessna DNR owns, because whenever I had a chance I tried to use this small plane that has an operating cost about 1/5th that of the King Air – saving taxpayers more than $60,000. No governor has done this before, and it is hardly “gubernatorial” in its look and feel, but I thought it was worth the savings. As an administration we also sold the fraction interest in the Hawker jet, which had transatlantic capability and saved more than $1.5 million. We consolidated helicopter and fixed wing aircraft use between SLED and DNR for several hundred thousands of dollars of additional savings. As well, we decided to rent out both the Governor’s summer residence in Charleston and the Lace House at the Governor’s residence, generating hundreds of thousands of dollars for the state.

The second point of context is that out of the 353 hours flown over the last six and a half years, some in the media have called into question about 7 hours of flight. That represents two percent of the total flight hours taken.

A few examples:

The article suggests I had “flown back to my favorite hair salon”. I did call the office on my way back from official state business in Myrtle Beach to say I wanted to drop by for a haircut – but this so-called hair salon in this case is a walk-in Great Clips where you can get an $11 haircut. Why in the world would I rush back to keep an “appointment” at a place that doesn’t take appointments?

The article says “I flew the family back from Beaufort on Thanksgiving weekends.” Does anyone believe that Jenny – or in particular the boys – really wanted to leave their Thanksgiving weekend early to walk down the State House steps for the annual Governor’s Christmas Tree Lighting? If that isn’t official business, I don’t know what is – and it’s been expected of governors to attend for the last 42 years.

The article says that “I flew from Columbia to Mt. Pleasant for a dentist appointment.” It is true that I went by the dentist office for 15 minutes because I chipped my tooth, but this is hardly the larger context of the visit. At 4 pm on that day, the 23rd of March 2005, I testified before the Senate Finance Sub-Committee on our income tax proposal; I had the chance to tell thousands of people on the coast about it through an in-studio interview with Channel 2 at 6:50. Not knowing when the subcommittee would end, the state plane was used so that I would be certain of making the interview.

I won’t belabor the point, but it is a simple one. Inevitably, I am certain that there is something our office did less than perfect in my constant moving around the state, but I can say with equal clarity that it was always within the context of trying to maximize my days and watch out for the taxpayer in the process.

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6 Comments leave one →
  1. Johnnie Bellamy permalink
    August 13, 2009 9:08 am

    Sanford is eloquent as usual of his past; he admits is inadequacies and defends his previous life of advocacy for the state. Historical back bites by MB paper is a waste of productive time for MB newspaper and constituents interests in bringing the party and the state together and moving forward. Lets think positive and move positive to a productive future. The old paradigm is spiraling us out of control; the way of the Banana Republic should be beneath and behind us. Let’s move forward together.

  2. Hal permalink
    August 13, 2009 10:14 am

    Well said, Governor. I am glad to see him communicate clearly and effectively.

    There is a short amount of time left in his term…I hope he settles in at his office and does the people’s business. He is a competent man…

  3. Frank permalink
    August 13, 2009 10:20 am

    Sanford is suffering from his self-inflicted wounds, AND the normal fallout of a term limited office holder. We should not pay too much attention to the BS spilling over the media. What is important is that the administration does what every other one has had to do….continue recruiting change minded people into his administration so he can continue to better SC!

  4. Clive permalink
    August 13, 2009 10:25 am

    The political parasites that are looking to directly benefit from Sanford’s departure will never shut up. But who cares…99% of us will not directly benefit, so I hope the Governor stays and fulfills his term.

    We need less drama.

  5. barry permalink
    August 13, 2009 10:36 am

    Reform, Governor…that is why we hired you. Back to it and now.

    In the end you will be judged by what you do in the next 17 months. Show’em….we need reform and we need it now.


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