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House Leadership Statements on Sanford Investigation

August 13, 2009



August 13, 2009


For More Information:

Majority Leader Kenny Bingham

(803) 796-9300

Asst. Majority Leader Bruce Bannister

(864) 298-0084

COLUMBIA – The House Republican Caucus leadership issued the following statements today regarding revelations about Governor Sanford’s travel and the Attorney General’s call for an ethics investigation.

“Now that new allegations have surfaced related to the Governor’s commercial travel and his use of state airplanes, a thorough investigation needs to be conducted to determine whether any laws have been broken,” said Majority Leader Kenny Bingham, R-Cayce.

“The State Ethics Commission, rather than the House or the Senate, is the appropriate place to deal with potential violations of ethics law, and Attorney General McMaster made the right decision in calling on the Ethics Commission to conduct this investigation.

“Governor Sanford’s inappropriate behavior has prompted the need for special attention to be paid to his use of state funds and state resources to support his travel.  And it is very important for all the facts to be on the table.  No one is above the law.”

Assistant Majority Leader Bruce Bannister, R-Greenville, said: “The constant drum-beat of allegations against the Governor has sounded non-stop all summer. The newest allegations regarding unethical behavior by the Governor are serious and should be investigated by the state Ethics Commission.

“When the investigations conclude, House Republicans will respond in an appropriate manner.”

– # # # – Request:

Regarding:  On Thu, Aug 13, 2009 at 3:54 PM, Jason

Zacher<> wrote:
> House Leadership Statements
> on Sanford Investigation

Will the The House Republican Caucus leadership be looking into the
broader scope of how such abuses of state travel if exist are possible
with regard to the as-is processes to procure such services.  What are
the checks and balances regarding if indeed a problem assumed and or
perceived exists?


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