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A Message from S.C.GOP Chairman Karen Floyd

August 18, 2009

Dear Fellow Conservative:

Americans from across our nation are loudly voicing their oppositions to the Democrats’ plans for government-run health care, plans to take decisions about your health away from doctors and put them into the hands of unelected “efficiency experts” and government bureaucrats.

While Democrats in D.C. have labeled some of this opposition as “un-American,” I can’t think of anything more American than people participating in the democratic process by telling their elected representatives what we think.

If de Americans’ right to speak their minds wasn’t enough, this article details the Left’s hypocrisy — it highlights how Democrats are engaging in the very tactics they’ve accused Republicans of employing to move conservative-oriented policies forward!

In the United States Senate, the leading opponent to a government health care takeover has been our very own Senator Jim DeMint, and he is now being targeted by an organized, out-of-state effort to disrupt an upcoming health care policy town hall meeting in which Sen. DeMint hopes to hear from South Carolinians.

It’s clear the Democrats desire to misrepresent support for Obama’s unpopular health care plan. It’s clear they plan to use their resources to manufacture an appearance of broad public support for ObamaCare when, in fact, the majority of Americans oppose the president’s health care policy prescriptions.

The S.C.GOP fully supports Jim DeMint’s policy proposal — a free-market-enterprise-driven sustainable alternative to ObamaCare — and his interest in hearing what South Carolinians have to say about both his health care policy proposal, along with the proposal being pedaled by Democrats on The Hill. And this is why we need your help.

First, spread the word and forward this email to your friends!

Next, renew your membership in the South Carolina Republican Party and fight for the conservative values of freedom and individual liberty that make America great! Your contribution will ensure we have the resources needed to fight Barack Obama’s radical agenda.

Finally, sign up to receive our text alerts and updates on your cell phone by texting SCGOP to 97180 using your cell phone.

Thank you for your support,

Karen Floyd
Chairman, S.C.GOP


Saving Freedom: We Can Stop America’s Slide into Socialism by Jim DeMint

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  1. Garnet Spy permalink
    August 20, 2009 11:09 pm

    “Dear Fellow Conservative?” When the state and national party organizations confront, refute, dismiss and refuse to support the RINOs that populate and, pretty much, run the GOP, THEN you can speak of being a “fellow conservative.”

  2. September 10, 2009 5:06 am

    Chairman Floyd,

    Thank you for taking the correct steps to remove Mark Sanford from his office as governor of South Carolina. I am apalled at how politicians silently they can make the law; then, be ‘above it’ by not honoring their commitment to be an ethical leader in all ways. While others do the obvious (, Sanford is trying to escape the consequences. Zig Ziglar once said: “When you are aware of a wrongdoing and do nothing to stop or fix it, you become a silent partner of its continuation.”
    Please don’t overlook your responsibility to initiate consequences for wrong behavior. I commend you for all the tough choices that you have made.
    Anita Hermesch

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