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Letter to the Editor: Sanford Republican In Name Only

August 31, 2009

The term RINO is often thrown around in Republican Party circles when one Republican doesn’t agree with another Republican. The term RINO means Republican In Name Only.

I hate to say it but, I’ve come to the conclusion South Carolina’s Governor is a RINO. I know he is a staunch Conservative. I know he slept on his couch while in Congress to save money. I know he advocates less taxes for South Carolina’s citizens. I know he has fought the Legislature on their spending. And I know politically, he stands for what most Republicans stand for.

However, this Governor has disgraced his Office and himself. His actions may make him look like a Fool but they don’t make him a RINO. While he may have lied to his staff, his wife, his children and the State of South Carolina, his lies don’t make him a RINO either. His actions may make him untrustworthy and he may wind up in divorce court because of them, but they don’t make him a RINO.

He may even have left the State for five days without telling anyone where he was going. Even that absence doesn’t make him a RINO. AWOL maybe, but not a RINO. He may also have broken his pledge of frugalness by flying all over the State and beyond on Private, State and Commercial Airplanes. Those decisions may make him a hypocrite but not necessarily a RINO.

He may even have succeed in making South Carolina the laughing stock of the country by showing everyone that South Carolina really is “a Little Abner and Daisy May” kinda place. A place where no matter what you do, these numbskulls will just look the other way and “leave you be”. That doesn’t make him a RINO either. It may bring back memories of “Boss Hog” on the “Dukes of Hazzard” but that was a TV spoof on Southern Politics. I hope that doesn’t qualify him for RINO status because I really liked the “Dukes of Hazzard”.

I think what qualifies him for RINO status is his attitude that it’s all about him and not about the State or the Party that elected him. It’s also about him not caring about his fellow Republicans that will surely be hurt in next years elections because he can’t see beyond himself.

Today, the Governor insists on remaining in Office. And who knows what tomorrow might bring? More of the same, probably. And as the Governor plays Russian Roulette with the Legislature, the Democrats smile.

The Democratic leadership in our State must be foaming at the mouth in hopes Mr. Sanford won’t resign and the impeachment process will drag on for months.

Mr. Sanford is doing exactly what a Republican In Name Only would do. What a tragedy.

Charlie Lybrand

Hollywood SC

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