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Palmetto Family Council: Where can I see my Congressman this week?

September 1, 2009
Where may I see my Congressman this week?

During their district recess period, most of our state’s congressmen hold town hall style meetings or other opportunities for constituents to speak with them directly. Congressman Inglis and Congressman Barrett have already held a number of events in recent weeks.

This week there are a number of opportunities to see Congressman Henry Brown, Congressman Joe Wilson and Congressman John Spratt. Palmetto Family encourages you to take advantage of one of these opportunities to share what’s on your mind!

Congressman Henry Brown
First Congressional District
Townhall on Thursday

Congressman Joe Wilson
Second Congressional District

Public Meetings All Week

Congressman Gresham Barrett
Third Congressional District
(schedule not available at press time)

Congressman Bob Inglis
Fourth Congressional District
(schedule not available at press time)

Congressman John Spratt
Fifth Congressional District

Townhalls on Wednesday and Thursday

Congressman James Clyburn
Sixth Congressional District
(not available at press time)

Note: If you’re not sure who you congressman is, please log in to our Action Center using the link below and all of your elected officials from President to South Carolina House of Representatives will be displayed. Thanks.

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