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Inglis: Speaker Pelosi should know reading is fundamental

September 28, 2009

Office of U.S. Rep. Bob Inglis (R-SC)

Immediate Release: Monday, September 28, 2009

Contact: Price Atkinson

864.232.1141 or 864.494.8754

72-hour “reading period” bill gathers 128 bipartisan signatures for discharge petition

U.S. Rep. Bob Inglis (R-SC) said Monday few practices have angered constituents at town halls more than the recent practice of ramming huge legislation through Congress that nobody has time to read.

“They are right. The only way to build confidence in the process is through informed debate, and that is not what we are getting,” Inglis said.

Inglis is a co-sponsor along with 128 other Members of Congress on a bipartisan bill by U.S. Reps. Brian Baird (R-WA) and Greg Walden (R-OR) that would require all non-emergency legislation to be posted online, in final form, for at least 72 hours prior to a floor vote.

Inglis became signature 44 of 128 from both parties on a discharge petition calling for Speaker Nancy Pelosi to bring the bill (H. Res. 554) to the floor for a vote.

“It is just common sense that rushing 1,000-page bills through the House when they are not even available in the final form is negligent and reckless,” Inglis said. “Every Member of Congress ought to stand up for their district and stop the practice now.”

If the petition gets 218 signatures – a majority – it has to be brought to the House Floor.

“The more attention this gets, the more the American people are going to force this issue,” Inglis added. “This has a chance of getting to the floor.”


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