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Jeffrey Says Big Government and Big Spending Have Not Resulted in a Safer America

December 3, 2009

For Immediate Release December 3, 2009

Contact: Dan Cassidy (803) 546-4955

Greenville-Spartanburg – Christina Jeffrey, Republican candidate for Congress in South Carolina’s 4th Congressional District, today  criticized the Obama Administration for playing on the security concerns of Americans as an excuse to grow the size of government without any evidence  of improved security in return for ever bigger and more costly government.

Jeffrey pointed to the massive cyber attack on hundreds of websites   including that of Bill Connor, candidate for Lieutenant Governor,  and the recent gate crashing at the White House as evidence that America remains vulnerable to terrorist attacks.

Jeffrey stated that the more than $45 billion spent on the Department of Homeland Security, including $355 million to make private and public sector  cyber infrastructure more secure “provides a false sense of security.”     Jeffrey said “massive government bureaucracies provide no defense against radical jihadists determined to kill Americans, destroy America’s  the civic life, and limit the individual freedoms of our people.”  “It is time,” Jeffrey said, “to ensure that those on the front lines protecting Americans at the local, state and national level have the resources they need to enforce our laws, secure our borders, and defend America’s interests throughout the world.”

Jeffrey added “America is relearning an old and important lesson: “except the Lord keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain.”

Christina Jeffrey is committed to restoring respect for the United States Constitution, decentralized government, states’ rights, and individual liberty.

For more information, see the Christina Jeffrey for Congress website.


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