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Censure of Governor Mark Sanford Moves to House Floor

December 16, 2009

Office of the Speaker



October 27, 2009

Contact: Greg Foster

(803) 734-3125

House Passes Unemployment Benefit Fix

Retroactive solution covers all unemployed in danger of losing this federal benefit

(Columbia, SC) – Today, the South Carolina House of Representatives convened in a special legislative session to address a fix to our state’s unemployment benefits so that thousands of out-of-work South Carolinians will not lose access to these federal funds and have their unemployment benefits cut off.

House Speaker Bobby Harrell said, “The legislative fix that we made today will ensure that thousands of unemployed South Carolinians will not have their unemployment benefits prematurely cut off.”

The bill containing the legislative fix passed with overwhelming bipartisan support, passing the House 113 to 0.  The legislative fix is retroactive, so both those who have recently been denied these federal funds and those in danger of soon being cut off will now be granted access to these benefits.  After a procedural 3rd reading tomorrow, the amended bill will be sent to the Senate for final approval.

“It is unfortunate that this session was needed and could have been avoided if the Employment Security Commission had informed the General Assembly of the necessity of this fix,” said Speaker Harrell.  “This oversight further highlights the need for reforming the Employment Security Commission.”

Speaker Harrell continued, “During these difficult economic times, we need to not only focus intensely on economic development, but also make sure our state’s unemployed do not suffer further by being denied access to these federal benefits.”

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