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Katherine Jenerette on Rep. Henry Brown Retirement

January 4, 2010


Katherine Jenerette for U.S. Congress 2010

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SUBJECT: US Congressional Candidate Katherine Jenerette Comments on the Retirement of U.S. Rep. Henry Brown, Jr., 1st District South Carolina

DATE: Monday, January 04, 2010

As a former US Congressional Aide and Field Representative for the 1st Congressional District, I know first-hand how Representative Henry Brown, Jr. has served the people of the District and the State of South Carolina with dedication and devotion to us all. His public service to the people of our state in the Congress and the State Legislature that stretched over decades can only be measured as selfless and committed. I have the greatest respect for Congressman Brown and his wife, Billye and family and know that they have always kept the best interest of the people close to them.

When I announced my 2010 Campaign the day after the 2008 Election, I had already received reliable inside information from confidential sources close to Capitol Hill that informed me that Congressman Brown had planned to retire and it would be his last term.

Now we’ve got a street fight on our hands to keep this Congressional seat in the Republican camp – the blood is in the water and we better show up prepared to go toe-to-toe this election time.

My time as a field representative for our district has allowed me to understand the nuts and bolts of local, state and federal government at work with one another. I understand our business concerns, our tourism industry, our environmental concerns, our veterans’ issues and needs, and our growing retiree population’s concern for their future.

All the people of the 1st Congressional District – businessmen, veterans, families, senior citizens, Republicans, Democrats and Independents need aggressive, dedicated and committed representation in Washington DC. Our coastal regional district holds the key to the economic recovery of the entire state.

I understand all too clearly that being a congressman is about representing people who get up in the morning, go to work, or send their kids to school, open the doors of their businesses and do the best they can in a bureaucratic framework with rules made in Washington. Right now, there’s too much Washington involved in our day-today lives.

I’ve been in local, state and national politics and I know this is going to be an uphill fight. But, you don’t get into South Carolina politics without expecting every political and personal enemy you ever had to sharpen their knives and come after you. I expect it to be a tough campaign and I expect Congress to be even tougher but I fight as tough as I talk.

I wish Congressman Brown well on his retirement and feel grateful that I had the opportunity to work with him in the past for the people of Horry, Georgetown, Charleston, Berkley, and Dorchester Counties in the Coastal region of South Carolina.

= = = = = end = = = = =

Background Brief: Katherine Jenerette is a former US Congressional Field Representative for the 1st District, a veteran of the Persian Gulf War, and a US Army Reserve Airborne Officer currently on duty at Fort Bragg were she presently instructs deploying Civil Affairs soldiers in Middle Eastern Special Operations.

Jenerette is a veteran of the district political scene and she finished the June 2008 Republican primary with a solid second place finish in a three-man race against Rep. Brown and Paul Norris gaining nearly twenty-percent of the total vote.

After coming home from the Gulf War, Katherine attended the University of South Carolina, Coastal Carolina Campus on a Cross Country and Track scholarship. She graduated from CCU and earned her Masters Degree from USC, Columbia.

Katherine lives in North Myrtle Beach with her husband Van, and their four children. Two of the Jenerette children have followed in their mother’s footsteps and are on the varsity Cross Country team at North Myrtle Beach High School. The Jenerette family is a member of the First Baptist Church in North Myrtle Beach.

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  1. horry watcher permalink
    January 5, 2010 1:39 pm

    Katherine, why are you suddenly saying nice things about Henry now when you weren’t before? If you’re such a loyal republican then why were you running against Henry when he gave you a job when you really needed one? Also, name one local GOP race or candidate you have ever worked for if you are such a good party member? Have you now lost 4 or 5 races including city council and school board? Why don’t you woory about your husbands trial and who will raise your kids instead of politics. Get your priorities straight. You can’t win anyway cause people think you are nuts. Nobody in the Party believs you can win. Maybe if you work on some local races you can build up some future support from officeholders and activists, but I really doubt it. Your husband may go to jail for 20 years or more. Think about your kids for once.

  2. So Yeah...Not a Shot permalink
    January 6, 2010 12:32 pm

    Her personal family problems are going to prevent her from surviving even a modicum of a race. Her husband is not only being prosecuted, he’s all but convicted of raping his step-daughter. Do you really think this is the sort of person we want running in the SC-1st, someone who’s continuing to live with a monster?


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