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Christina Jeffrey Proposes a Wake-Up Call for Congress

January 8, 2010


Press Contact: Bill Welch 864-541-7287

Christina Jeffrey Proposes a Wake-Up Call for Congress

Greenville-Spartanburg – Christina Jeffrey today condemned unnecessary harassment of US citizens and called for greater scrutiny and profiling of terrorist suspects. She promised her supporters that she will introduce national security measures on her first day in office, and sent the following letter to her constituents.

One thing to be grateful for, in the aftermath of the attempted Christmas Day terrorist attack, in addition to its failure, is the fact that the American people are now in an uproar: why was this man allowed on an airplane?

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab boarded an airplane with no baggage and a one-way ticket to the United States. He was on the UK watch list. His father had met with and warned the CIA about his son’s association with terrorists.

Sheer luck prevented that man from carrying out his intended mission to detonate the explosives on his person. Now, we are faced with the prospect of full-body scanners in major airports, and the public question is one of privacy. But what question seems noticeably absent is that of profiling.

Are we really going to send every airline passenger through a full-body scanner? Should all Americans be included?  No, says the ACLU. May we put only those who match up to a certain profile through the scanners? Certainly not, says the ACLU. But what do reasonable people say?

Reasonable people, like the majority of us in the Upstate, do not want low risk individuals unnecessarily harassed. We have put up with TSA’s random searches, etc., because we trusted security experts. We do not anymore. We want the full effort of the TSA focused on likely suspects.  In addition, we want airlines to be able to arm a thoroughly screened and well-trained “random” member of the crew (perhaps a retiring military pilot.) We also want to end the nonsense of telegraphing to terrorists whether the airport is on red, orange or green alert.

We want all migrants who come across our borders by car, truck, bus or foot treated to enhanced screening. Obviously, this means everyone has to come through official border crossings. The rest of the border must be sealed. Those coming from airports and seaports with inadequate passenger screening must be treated as potential terrorists and subjected to enhanced screening. But every effort should be made to qualify American citizens and exempt them from harassment. Being an American should mean something.

Abdulmutallab has been indicted on criminal charges and endowed with all the procedural rights guaranteed to freedom-loving American citizens. In spite of all the evidence that he is a committed terrorist, he has not been labeled an enemy combatant and thus, instead of detention and interrogation, he has a free lawyer and protection from interrogators trying to keep America safe.  He has refused to answer any questions, and may be offered a plea bargain if he can produce any relevant information. Please: a plea bargain for a man who attempted to murder 300 people.

Reasonable people, people with common sense, think this is utterly outrageous!

When I am in Congress, I will make the safety and protection of Americans my first priority.  Congress should declare war on terrorism, demand military trials for suspected enemy combatants, and protect our citizens here and to the extent possible, as they travel abroad.

On day one, I will introduce or co-sponsor bills to do exactly the things I am calling for here and I will demand that all South Carolina’s Republican delegation sign off on these bills.

Soon, you will see copies of the bills on the campaign website,  Previous efforts of this nature have failed – but there was no South Carolina Patriot in the House pushing them. You can count on me to do what I promise.  I am fighting to make America safe, and I assure you, I cannot be bought.

Christina Jeffrey announced her candidacy to defeat Bob Inglis in the 4th District early last year. She is committed to restoring respect for the United States Constitution, decentralized government, states’ rights, and individual liberty. For more information, see

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  1. R. Seigworth permalink
    January 8, 2010 8:22 pm

    Excellent proposal! It is time to finally start profiling. The federal government can no longer be trusted with anything other than to “screw up” what’s left of our nation. Although this incident could have been a real disaster, I believe people are over-reacting to all the hysteria that the “state-run” media has created. Again, the Obama Administration has created another emergency and this administration is telling us what WE need to do. Although the timing may be coincidental, I believe that all the media hype is an orchestrated effort to cover up the secret meetings taking place on health care reform. Why has it not been in the news over the last few days? Why have Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid not taken center stage to denounce the attempted bombing? Why have they not directed any comments to the terrorists or wanna-be’s?

    Something certainly needs to be done about airport security, however our borders are standing practically wide open. TSA is not the answer. Full body scanners are not the answer. Throwing more money at this is not the answer. The answer is using “COMMON SENSE” which is almost unheard of in our federal government.

    It is time for Rep. Bob Inglis and Sen. Lindsay Graham to be voted out of office.

    Thanks for your efforts.



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