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Christina Jeffrey Denounces Pelosi/Reid Hijack of American Health Care

January 15, 2010

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  January 15, 2010

CONTACT:  Bill Welch (864) 541-7287

Christina Jeffrey Denounces Pelosi/Reid Hijack of American Health Care

GREENVILLE/SPARTANBURG — Christina Jeffrey, Republican candidate for Congress in South Carolina’s 4th Congressional District (Greenville/Spartanburg), today expressed her alarm that the U.S. Congress is planning 1/6 of the American economy.

A commentator on Fox News just today opined:

“If this health care bill is so good then why does everyone need a special exemption to vote for it?”

Dr. Jeffrey says:

“Last night, Obama and his team held closed door meetings with labor leaders until 1:00am in the morning. The outcome was an agreement to give them a 5-year special exemption from new taxes in the health care bill. No one has any idea how this bill is going to be paid for but taxes are likely to go up to pay for those who will get insurance they can not now afford.

“Earlier versions of the bill were expected to cost the typical family of 4 with $105,000 per year in income, at least $20,000 per year, an individual making $44,000 per year, 17% of income for health care. There were already serious penalties in the bill for not buying health insurance but these did not apply to illegal immigrants.  Legal immigrants were required to pay. The current bill has a “luxury” tax on expensive medical insurance plans, unless one works for a union. The tax will not apply to union members for the first 5 years.

“Medicare recipients are expected to see reductions in care and rationing. Obama is on record saying that older people should sometimes just get pain pills rather than restorative care.

“There are huge Constitutional questions raised by this bill. For example, where in the Constitution does Congress get the authority to make us buy anything? Another constitutional question is raised by provisions that treat Americans differently just because of their geography (Nebraska and Louisiana are exempt from any extra costs) and now unions receive a tax exemption.

“Every member takes an oath to uphold the Constitution, not punt all hard questions over to the Supreme Court. When members of the House and Senate vote for a bill knowing there is no authority in the Constitution that permits passage, they violate their oath. In November, we need to fire these folks, whether dunces or traitors, and replace them with honest men and women who will not betray our Constitution and our freedom.

“Americans have had enough! Let’s take America Back!”


Christina Jeffrey announced her candidacy earlier this year. She is committed to restoring respect for the United States Constitution, decentralized government, states’ rights, and individual liberty. For more information, see,

To contact Christina Jeffrey write to

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  1. clay barham permalink
    January 16, 2010 5:35 pm

    To turn our country around, we must permit individual interests and not community interests to dominate. Obama, Democrats, socialists, liberals and everyone on the left wants to share the booty from America saying community is most important. SAVE THE PEBBLE DROPPERS & PROSPERITY, found on, tells how America did so well in the first place, and shows us how to repeat the process of regaining our prosperity. America has drifted into meaningless altruism to the point we cannot earn our way back and focusing on individual interests as described so well by Ayn Rand.


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