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Christina Jeffrey Announces Rally for Sovereignty

January 19, 2010

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  January 19, 2010

Bill Welch, 864-541-7287

Christina Jeffrey for Congress

Christina Jeffrey Announces Rally for Sovereignty

GREENVILLE/SPARTANBURG, SC—Christina Jeffrey, candidate for Congress in South Carolina’s Fourth Congressional District today called on supporters, patriots and all citizens concerned with preserving our constitutional republic to join her for prayer and short speeches by patriotic leaders at the Capitol in Columbia, Tuesday.

Dr. Jeffrey said:

“An effort by the William Wallace Caucus to pass S-0424 has been stalled by Republican senators unwilling to vote for cloture and allow this very reasonable measure to go to the floor for a vote.

“S-0424 is a mere resolution but too strong for some Senate Republicans?  This measure, in support of State Sovereignty reaffirms the legislature’s commitment to the 9th and 10th Amendments to the Constitution. These Amendments, largely written off by law professors and judges, were placed in the Constitution by our Founders to be a bulwark against the dangerous accumulation of powers by the Federal Government. What could be more needful now?

“The SC House of Representative approved a similar bill last session. With a majority of Republicans in the Senate, one would not expect the resistance we are seeing.

“More vigorous support from the Republican Party would be welcome and would go a long way toward reassuring concerned patriots that the GOP is ready to lead on this issue, which became a part of the GOP platform last May. This plank, which appears on page 5 of the platform, ends: ‘With a new commitment to Federalism, states will again be empowered to govern effectively and the national government can again concentrate on its constitutional duties.’

“The state senate adjourned last week without a cloture vote on S-0424.  They are to take up the debate Tuesday.  We will be going with the Boiling Springs Tea Party Group and joining others from the 9-12 Project, the Senaca Tea Party, the Campaign for Liberty, etc. to lobby the Republicans to put Sovereignty to a vote and join with the other 20 states which have already affirmed their commitment to stand up for their rights of states to govern without unconstitutional interference from the Federal Government. We will be in the gallery when the session begins at noon.”


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