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Christina Jeffrey attends Atlanta event with Congressman Ron Paul and author Tom Woods

January 23, 2010

Christina Jeffrey attends Atlanta event with Congressman Ron Paul and author Tom Woods
GREENVILLE/SPARTANBURG — Conservative Candidate for the 4th District Congressional Seat, Christina Jeffrey, visits Atlanta for a Campaign for Liberty event.

Last weekend, SC-4 Candidate for Congress, Christina Jeffrey, attended the Campaign for Liberty’s official kick-off for “A New Decade of Liberty in Atlanta.”  She was joined by supporters, including her daughter, Christina, a self-employed tennis instructor and her son Fredrick, who is on active duty with the Georgia National Guard.  More than 1,000 enthusiastic patriots filled the Capitol Ballroom at the Sheraton Atlanta. Tom Woods, author of The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History. He discussed his coming book, Nullification, to set the record straight on this issue, that nullification was not the sole province of the South. In fact, The Supreme Court of Wisconsin used it to nullify Fugitive Slave laws.

“It was wonderful to hear Congressman Ron Paul and Tom Woods and to spend a fun, memorable night among like-minded people,” said Dr. Jeffrey about her trip.

Congressman Paul seemed to get energy from the crowd as he explained his philosophy of “low expectations”, one that has been honed by years of frustration in the U.S. Congress. He said he did not expect his Presidential bid to build so much enthusiasm for sound money, state sovereignty, limited government, a strong national defense, and Constitutionalism. He expressed delight that the movement is so dynamic and predicted big changes in Washington as a result of the work of the Ron Paul Revolution and its successor, the Campaign for Liberty. C4L is currently growing by tens of thousands every month.

Christina Jeffrey announced her candidacy earlier this year. She is committed to restoring respect for the United States Constitution, decentralized government, states’ rights, and individual liberty. For more information,;. To contact Christina Jeffrey write to
Paid for by the Christina Jeffrey for Congress Committe, Robert Jeffrey, Chairman.


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