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Momentum for the Barrett Campaign

February 1, 2010
Dear Friends,

In campaigns we tend to measure days in terms of wins and losses. Well, if last week is any indication, then Team Barrett is on a roll.

Let me hit on just a few of the highlights.

Early in the week, the Congressman rolled out his jobs plan at stops in Greenville, North Charleston, West Columbia, Aiken and Greenwood. Gresham is the first Republican to offer a detailed strategy for economic development. If you haven’t had a chance to read through the plan yet, you can download your copy by clicking here.

Prominent business leaders from across the state are taking notice of Gresham’s vision for job creation. Here’s what some have to say about his “Putting South Carolina Back to Work” plan:

“Reflecting the high-impact leadership of Carroll Campbell, I believe Gresham Barrett is uniquely prepared to be South Carolina’s ‘job creation Governor’ for the future,”
– Sam Konduros, Chairman-Elect of the Greenville Chamber of Commerce

“Our ports are the front door to South Carolina. Billions of dollars in products pass through them annually, and no one better understands how vital they are to our state’seconomy than Gresham Barrett.”
– Dave Posek, Past Chairman of the State Ports Authority

“With direct leadership and acute vision, South Carolina can regain its place as a national leader in economic development. Gresham Barrett brings both to the table. He has the personality and detailed plan needed to lead an economic turnaround in South Carolina.”
– Steve Navarro, President and CEO of The Furman Co.

Gresham carried his momentum from the jobs tour into Thursday night’s debate with a commanding performance that drew accolades from well-known Republicans, the press and political observers as well:

“Barrett is right at home discussing his vision for growing business in South Carolina, including Charleston and its port. And it appears he’s got the energy to get GOPvoters excited about it, too.”
– Greg Hambrick, The Charleston City Paper

“Barrett talked about job creation and about cooperating with the legislature the way the late Carroll Campbell did… Barrett’s performance was refreshing… …Barrett won the debate and his line, “it’s your question, but my answer,” to an interrupting Scarborough was the most memorable line of the night.”
– R. Brian McCarty, Voting Under the Influence Blog

“I thought they all performed well… But I think Gresham Barrett really talked about cooperating and collaborating with the Legislature which is the difference that I think Republicansare looking for now.”
– Dr. Jeri Cabot, College of Charleston Political Science Professor

“Lots of candidates theorize about how we can create jobs. But, after tonight’s debate, it is clear that Gresham Barrett is the only one with a detailed plan to actually make it happen.”
– Barry Wynn, Former Chairman of the South Carolina Republican Party

It was a great week and with your help, we can keep the ball rolling. We would certainly appreciate your help by making a contribution (click here) or signing up to volunteer by

Putting South Carolina back to work is more than just a slogan – it’s a common goal we can all unite behind!

Thanks for your support. We certainly appreciate all you do. Sincerely,

Luke Byars
Barrett for Governor
Campaign Manager

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