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Governor Sanford Comments on House’s Incentives Vote

March 6, 2010


Contact:        Ben Fox    803-734-2100

Governor Sanford Comments on House’s Incentives Vote

Columbia, S.C. – March 5, 2010 – Gov. Mark Sanford today issued the following statement regarding the South Carolina House’s vote to reject taxpayer incentives for big box retailers.

“Given the debate we’ve had over the last several years on whether to offer retail incentives to subsidize large corporate competitors at the expense of our state’s small businesses, we want to commend the state House on the stand that they were willing to take yesterday,” said Gov. Sanford. “In this case, for the first time in South Carolina history more than $9 million would have gone to large retail establishments that would have put any number of small businesses in the same line of business out of work. We think that’s neither in the best interest of taxpayers or small businesses across our state. Given the stand they took on this issue, the following Representatives deserve recognition.”

Karl Allen                              Nathan Ballentine                       Eric Bedingfield
Grady Brown             Derham Cole             Kris Crawford
Greg Delleney           Jeff Duncan             Shannon Erickson
Marion Frye             Laurie Funderburk                       Wendell Gilliard
Anton Gunn              Nikki Haley             Cathy Harvin
George Hearn            David Hiott             Lonnie Hosey
Chip Huggins            Ken Kennedy             Herb Kirsh
Patsy Knight            Lanny Littlejohn                        Deborah Long
Phillip Lowe            Jay Lucas                               Joe McEachern
Joey Millwood           Steve Moss              Ralph Norman
Steve Parker            Anne Parks              Gene Pinson
Rex Rice                                Tim Scott                               Gary Simrill
Murrell Smith           Garry Smith             Roland Smith
Leon Stavrinakis                        Tommy Stringer                  Michael Thompson
Mac Toole               David Weeks             Bill Whitmire
Tom Young

“We continue to believe that it is not prudent to use tax dollars to favor one retailer over another, and we’d ask taxpayers to continue making their voices heard, and, in this instance, thanking the legislators above for their vote. We’d also urge legislators to reaffirm this vote for the taxpayer when it is taken up again next week.”



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