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Sembler Opponents: South Carolina Not for Sale

March 10, 2010

Show politicians you won’t be ignored — let them know you are watching! Click on tomorrow and see what they are up to as they debate the major incentives bill S. 1054.

  • We’ll stream live video – from the Senate floor so that you’ll know what is going on as soon as it happens
  • We’ll post page views – so lawmakers are aware that you – and 1,000’s of others are watching them – LIVE.

But don’t stop there.

  • Post this message and tomorrow’s link to your Web site or blog.
  • Forward this e-mail to everyone in your address book.
  • Wear out your Twitter account by tweeting and re-tweeting politicians and your contacts.

We’ll be tweeting and re-tweeting, too, and updating our Facebook page, all the time letting the politicians know that you are watching them.

Depend on us to send an E-mail Alert as soon as the critical discussions begin so you won’t miss a thing. Watch lawmakers react to the facts at — it won’t be hard to see who’s for and against the free market!

Sign up here to follow us on Twitter. Become a fan on Facebook.

More information on incentive bills:

Sembler Opponents: South Carolina Not for Sale
New Cartoon on the Sembler Incentives from Robert Ariail
Three Steps Toward Transparency: Protecting Taxpayer Investments in S.C.’s Economy

Robert Appel

Director of Communications

South Carolina Policy Council

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