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Attorney General Candidate Bolchoz Opposes Early Release of Prisoners Due to Budget Cuts

March 15, 2010


Contact: Robert Bolchoz


Attorney General Candidate Bolchoz

Opposes Early Release of Prisoners Due to Budget Cuts

Columbia, South Carolina – March 15, 2010 – Former prosecutor and Republican candidate for Attorney General, Robert Bolchoz, urged South Carolina lawmakers not to release inmates from prison due to budget shortfalls.

“The idea that some legislators would free criminals and allow them back into our neighborhoods to commit further crimes it totally outrageous,” said Robert Bolchoz. “Our state has some of the highest crimes statistics in the country and there are proposals by State Government officials to release criminals from our prisons –it just doesn’t make sense. I would ask members of the South Carolina Law Enforcement Community and voters across the State to contact their Legislators and other elected officials to demand that South Carolina State Government meet its most important priority by allocating sufficient tax dollars to provide for Public Safety,” said Bolchoz.

Bolchoz also noted that South Carolina has not opened a prison since 1994 while the state’s population has increased by approximately one million people during that time.

“The early release of criminals from prison circumvents the justice system, ignores the rights of victims, and puts the public at risk.  It also contributes to the non-governmental costs of crime as these same criminals prey on our neighbors, our communities and our businesses. I am calling on elected officials at every level to ignore special interests and acknowledge their number one responsibility to the people of this State by making public safety funding the number one budget priority.  Every South Carolinian, regardless of race, creed, color, or political affiliation deserves the protection of the Government from criminals.  Only in a safe community can our students begin to learn and our businesses begin to prosper.  Our leaders must stop overfunding bloated bureaucracies which fail in their objectives, while underfunding critical services established to protect lives and property, said Bolchoz”

Please use this link to find contact information for your State Senator and Representative:

For more information about Robert’s campaign for Attorney General, go to


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  1. William V Darling Jr permalink
    March 15, 2010 8:02 pm

    Why can we not look into methodologies such as Sheriff Joe Arpaio in N.M. has instituted? He has begun charging prisoners for their meals. taken away coffee, weights, TV (except for Disney and the Weather Channel), arranged for prisoners to take over the state’s animal shelters, reducing costs by millions of dollars, serves inexpensive and self-raised food to the prisoners.
    This is a good start in reducing costs of the prison population Prison is not supposed to be a country club atmosphere, but a place for penal measures to be taken against people who have committed crimes against the rules of society. Why not make the atmosphere match the intentions of the court system that has placed them in prison?
    And of course, there is always the short route of mass executions. While it would not make us look very good, it would certainly prohibit re-commission of crimes by these criminals! And that way, we could clear the prisons, lay off guards and supervisory personnel, further reducing costs.
    These are but two suggestions which could be implemented with little or no judicial input, and which would address the issues immediately and directly.

    • angry mom permalink
      March 29, 2010 8:23 am

      you are so ignorant, obviously you are so perfect that you have never had a love one in jail or prison. no one is perfect. so get off your high horse and come back down to earth.[Judge not lest ye be judged]


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