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Governor Releases Brackets in Big Government Basketball

March 17, 2010


Contact: Ben Fox


Governor Releases Brackets in Big Government Basketball


Columbia, S.C. – March 17, 2010 – Gov. Mark Sanford today released his bracket covering the last two years of the ongoing struggle between the big government encroachment and the American taxpayer.

“While the winners and losers in the Big Dance will be decided on the basketball court over the coming weeks, taxpayers in South Carolina and across this country have already lost repeatedly when faced with an ever encroaching government,” said Gov. Mark Sanford. “Starting with the banks and mortgage giants more than a year and a half ago, and continuing on through automobile companies and then the states themselves, Washington, D.C. has again and again liberally used taxpayer dollars to bail out companies and states from what in many cases was their own overspending. Now, going one step further, big government is claiming home court advantage in the traditionally free-market realm of personal health care and quality of life.

“Many view the current bill being debated as Congress’s version of March Madness, and we believe it represents a trillion dollar mistake both financially and medically. For South Carolina, it would expand our state’s Medicaid rolls by nearly half a million people and cost the state at minimum an additional $687 million over the next decade. Given the dire budget year we’re in, this bill would also force state legislators to either cut significantly in the areas of education, law enforcement and economic development, or raise taxes.

“For that reason, I’d once again urge all taxpayers to put on a full court press against this unwieldy and unwise healthcare legislation, as there is still time to make our collective voices heard.”


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  1. Jimmy T. permalink
    March 18, 2010 8:04 am

    So let’s assume the Taxpayers are the underdog, and Pelosi’s the power forward? Anyone else hoping for a Chris Webber-like timeout mistake by the Fab Four favorites in this game?


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