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Statement by Republican Attorney General Candidate Bolchoz

March 22, 2010


Contact: Robert Bolchoz


Statement by Republican Attorney General Candidate Bolchoz

Obama’s Health Plan Unconstitutional

Columbia, South Carolina – March 22, 2010 – Former prosecutor and Republican candidate for Attorney General, Robert Bolchoz, issued the following statement after House approves health care bill that is contrary to the law of the land.

“With the approval of President Obama’s health care bill, citizens will now be forced to buy insurance and businesses will be forced to provide health insurance or the long arm of the U.S. government will penalize you with fines if you do not comply,” said Bolchoz. “I’m a strong pro life advocate and this notion of President Obama winning votes by signing an Executive Order to sway some members of Congress who opposed the use of tax dollars for abortions is just wrong –if not criminal. As your next Attorney General, I will pursue any legal options to prevent the citizens of South Carolina from being forced to buy health insurance or business owners from facing thousands of dollars in penalties for not providing insurance. It’s clearly unconstitutional to require the people of this country to buy something or face a penalty.”

For more information about Robert’s campaign for Attorney General, go to



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