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Policy Council: SC Lawmakers Must Protect Health Care Freedom of Choice

March 25, 2010


S.C. Lawmakers Must Protect Health Care Freedom of Choice

March 25, 2010 – Columbia, SC – “Nothing should be more important to lawmakers than defending the constitutional rights of their constituents,” said South Carolina Policy Council Director of Research Dr. Jameson Taylor in testimony before a House subcommittee today. “While everyone has different opinions on how health care can be fixed, we should all agree that the fix has to be constitutional. Protecting freedom of choice in health care helps set the course straight by challenging provisions of the new federal law that violate our fundamental rights.”

Both the House and Senate are considering legislation that would protect the right of South Carolinians to buy and sell health care services—including the right to pay out-of-pocket for health care. The proposals before the General Assembly also protect against attempts to impose one form of coverage over another.

Enclosed is a Fact Sheet on the S.C. Freedom of Choice in Health Care Act, as well as Taylor’s written testimony yesterday to the Senate subcommittee.

Robert Appel

Director of Communications

South Carolina Policy Council

803-779-5022 Ext. 116

803-779-4953 (fax)

Limited Government • Free Enterprise • Individual Liberty

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