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Richter files for Lt. Governor

March 26, 2010

Contact: Tara Emory
Phone 843-881-1828

Richter files for Lt. Governor

Pledging to stop the kind of legislative abuses that resulted in Congressional passage this week of government run health care, retired circuit court judge and state senator Larry Richter officially filed as a Republican candidate for the office of Lt. Governor of South Carolina Friday.

Richter, of Mt. Pleasant, who was widely regarded as the state’s most conservative judge, pledged to issue rulings as the legislature’s presiding officer to stop “politics as usual.”

“The way Congress passed the health care legislation is an affront to our system of government,” Richter said.  “It should serve as a warning to the people that power politics has usurped the will of the majority and the rule of law.  As Lt. Governor I intend to guarantee that the will of the people will be the guiding principle of our state.”

Richter is the only candidate for Lt. Governor with experience in the legislature, over which the Lt. Governor must preside pursuant to the state constitution.  The Lt. Governor presides over the Senate each day, and all Joint Assemblies of the House and Senate.

Richter said his campaign will focus on several key issues:  recruiting jobs, protecting senior citizens, and stopping the growth of government and the burdensome, unfair tax system that has resulted from too much government.

“As presiding officer of the Senate and Joint Assemblies, I will insure that each and every ruling is issued with the protection of the taxpayers in mind,” Richter said.  “My experience as both a state senator and a judge give me the ability to issue strong, well reasoned, consistent, and legal rulings which will protect taxpayers and stop the out of control growth of government.”

“One out of every eight South Carolinians cannot find a job,” Richter noted.  “I will be a jobs ambassador for our state.  I’ll go to work on my first day in office to personally recruit good, new industries into our state.  I will work arm in arm with whoever our next governor is to create jobs and improve our economy.”

“We must also recognize that there are other steps which must be taken to develop a booming, sustainable economy.  Keeping taxes low is a key step so that the people – not the government – can make their own decisions about how to spend their own money, and best allow the American free enterprise system to work and the citizens to prosper.”

“I am also firmly committed to the creation of a Seniors’ Bill of Rights to ease the burdens and protect the rights of this wonderful and growing part of our citizenry.”
Note to News Media: If you would like to arrange a one-on-one interview with Larry Richter, please contact Tara Emory, Campaign Manager, at 301-213-7289 and/or

For more information about the campaign, please visit

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