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Christina Jeffrey A True Conservative

March 30, 2010



CONTACT: CHRISTINA JEFFREY AT 864-948-1297 OR 864-431-6022

In a speech defining her candidacy as that of the true conservative in the race, Christina Jeffrey painted her opponents as flawed, stressing her superior qualifications as a conservative.

“Who can conservatives trust to stand up to Obama and the hordes of leftist ideologues he has introduced into the highest levels of our government?”

In this speech to her own club, the Palmetto House Republican Women, Christina Jeffrey tells some of her history as a fighter for conservative causes and explains why she can be trusted now to take a turn to the left like Bob Inglis and Lindsey Graham have done over the course of their long tenures in Washington.

See Speech attached.

Christina Jeffrey announced her campaign for SC-4 in January 2009. She opposes bailouts, the global warming hoax and amnesty for illegal aliens. She favors smaller, taxpayer-friendly government, and adherence to governmental system outlined by the Founding Fathers and ratified for, by and of We the People.

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