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Robert Barber Announces Candidacy for Comptroller General

March 30, 2010

News Release – For Immediate Release

Contact: Lachlan McIntosh (843) 452-3726

Robert Barber Announces Candidacy for Comptroller General

Columbia, SC – Today, Robert Barber announced his candidacy for Comptroller General of South Carolina.  Barber filed for the office with the South Carolina Democratic Party shortly before noon today.

Barber owns and operates nationally renowned Bowen’s Island Restaurant near Charleston which his Grandparents opened in 1946. Barber was the state Democratic Party’s leading vote getter in the 2006 elections. That year, he lost a campaign for Lt. Governor by one the closest margins in South Carolina history.

“To be honest, I was very content running my restaurant and spending time with my kids and grandkids,” Barber said. “But I just can’t sit back and do nothing while South Carolina continues to saddle the next generation with debt because of a lack of leadership in the State Capitol ,” he said.

“Sure, the current Comptroller has been through his share of personal scandal.  But the worst part is his professional failures. He calls himself a fiscal watchdog, but he has kept the state’s checkbook for the last eight years, overseeing wasteful spending and fiscal irresponsibility.  His job is to protect taxpayer money, but I don’t know many taxpayers who believe their money has been protected over the last eight years,” Barber said.

“I believe I can offer South Carolina the kind of professional, middle of the road, leadership this position demands. This position requires a stable, steady hand who believes that public service is truly about serving the public, not about abusing the public trust,” Barber said


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