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April 19, 2010

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Former Opponent, Legislator, others back Lt. Governor front runner

WEST COLUMBIA, SC – As polls continue to show his campaign surging and in the lead, Bill Connor today announced six more endorsements in his campaign to be South Carolina’s next Republican Lieutenant Governor.

First, Krista Cogdill of Greenville, a former competitor in the race for Lt. Governor has endorsed Bill Connor.

“I was disappointed to hear the negative attacks from Bill’s opponent Larry Richter on combat leadership. One of the problems we face in electing the right people are the unmerited personal attacks.   I wish we could focus on the issues and ideals that a candidate can offer our state rather than creating such a negative platform. I believe true leaders choose to take the high road and the truth always reveals itself over time.

I have much respect for Bill Connor. I would like to share that when I announced my candidacy I received a phone call from Bill the following day. He called to welcome me to the campaign and wanted me to know that he would not run a negative campaign. He told me that he had a Christian staff and offered his cell number and said if I ever had a concern or heard anything being said that was not issue related to give him a call.

I have a lot of respect for the person that Bill has demonstrated himself to be. As I have spent time researching his values, background and objectives and as the only other political outsider in this race, I am pleased to endorse Bill Connor for Lt. Governor of South Carolina.”

Fox News Military Analyst Col. David Hunt, and Dylan Goff, the newest member of the Citadel Board of Visitors join “Bill’s Brigade”.

“As an army captain under Bill’s command in Helmand, I’ve seen his leadership up close and personal in the toughest environment imaginable,” Goff said. “I believe his leadership skills and his sense of duty and honor make him uniquely qualified for the job of Lt. Governor, and I am pleased and proud to endorse his candidacy.”

Joining the Christian Leaders for Connor Coalition are Cyndi Mosteller of Charleston and Rev. Larry Bateman of Spartanburg.

Finally, the campaign announced the endorsement of Rep. Tommy Stringer of Greenville.

“I am so pleased to have this surging momentum late in the campaign,” Connor said. “This support, taken with the endorsements of Tea Party organizations around our state, makes it clear that my message of freedom and a return to Founding principles is resonating with the voters of South Carolina. We will continue to work hard over the last 50 days of this primary campaign to get that message out and work towards victory.”

These latest endorsements come on the heels of the endorsement of the Myrtle Beach Tea Party, announced during their Tax Day Tea Party on Thursday. The full list of endorsements can be viewed at

Bill Connor is a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Army Reserves who received the Bronze Star for his service in combat as the senior American advisor in Helmand Province, Afghanistan.  Bill is the first post-9/11 combat veteran to announce and file for South Carolina statewide office, and the only combat veteran running for Lt. Governor.   In addition to his Reserve duties, Bill serves as the Chairman of the Board of Orangeburg Christian Academy.  Bill is a graduate of the Citadel and USC Law School.

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