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Protest THIS SATURDAY at Sen. Lindsey Graham’s Rock Hill Office, Sat. 4/24, 1:00 pm

April 23, 2010


The FreedomWorks organization ( )  has coordinated a statewide event to rally at all of Senator Lindsey Graham’s regional offices to protest his partnering with Democrat Senator John Kerry and Independent Joe Lieberman to basically reinvent what we’ve known as “Cap & Trade.”  They call it:

Kerry-Graham-Lieberman “American Power Act”

The rally will begin at 1:00 pm, on Saturday, April 24, at Senator Graham’s Piedmont Regional Office in Rock Hill, 140 E. Main Street.

Protesters are encouraged to bring posters and signs that reference their concerns with the Cap & Trade initiatives.  Please keep your signs dignified and respectful.   It is important that we maintain our integrity and credibility.

We also understand that this event conflicts with some of the activities going on with the Viet Nam Veterans Welcome Home Ceremony which is going on from 8 – 3 on Saturday as well.  The timing of the Graham protest was arranged by Freedom Works.  We believe we will have enough people out on Saturday to make a good showing at both events.  They are only about a mile apart so it’s feasible to be involved in both events.

FreedomWorks has distributed the following information to familiarize us with the problems they see with this piece of legislation that our Senator is sponsoring:

  • The Legislation includes a “Fuels’ Fee” that is in fact a $.27 Tax per Gallon of Gasoline.
  • The Bill is really just another Cap and Trade Scheme in disguise.
  • It’s a jobs killer in the industrial Midwest and across the country.
  • It’s an energy tax, hitting the poor and middleclass the hardest.
  • It creates a brand new government slush fund for Washington to spend.
  • It’s the largest tax increase ever.
  • It will needlessly export more American jobs to China, India, and other countries.
  • It will do nothing to impact global climate temperatures.

I have also copied below a newsletter FreedomWorks sent out announcing the Senator Graham Protests, and the reasons they find this bill troublesome to the American People.  This newsletter also lists the location of rallies planned at Senator Graham’s other South Carolina offices, as well as the contact person for each rally.  Please feel free to forward this information on to friends and family in the other regions who might want to participate in Saturday’s protest.

Attached to this email is a petition that FreedomWorks has designed to use at these rallies to gather names of citizens that oppose Senator Graham’s position on this critical issue.  Please print it and either bring it to the rally to get signatures, or, get signatures from your friends and neighbors.  You can either email your petitions to the address at the bottom of the petition, or, if you prefer, we will be collecting signed petitions at the rally.

The Cap & Trade Bill, under the guise of protecting the environment, is another blatant attack on US citizens by the liberal progressives to redistribute the American wealth.  The insignificance of human impact on our environment has never been more evident as in the past two weeks, when the whole world was crippled by mother nature’s omnipotent power as she deposited tons and tons sulfur dioxide (acid rain) into our atmosphere, which is toxic to plants, animals and humans.


I urge you to stay informed and stay involved.  Please check our website often as we are

adding new information on a continual basis.

Hope to see you on Saturday.





Apr 21, 2010


Join a Protest Near You on Saturday, April 24

As you probably know by now, Senator Graham (R-SC) has teamed up with Senators Kerry (D-MA) and Liebermann (I-CT) to unveil their own version of cap-and-trade in sheep’s clothing next week. This new energy tax bill was crafted over months behind closed doors, and only special interest lobbyists could pry out any details.

What we do know is this: making energy more expensive hurts the economy, sends jobs overseas, and all for negligible environmental benefit. We also know it is clear that poor and middle class taxpayers aren’t among the big corporations that are getting any special favors or subsidies and will be hit hardest by plans like a “Fuels’ Fee” that tacks on 27 cents per gallon of gasoline!

We need you to invite a friend and join us to protest this massive tax hike outside Senator Graham’s district offices all across South Carolina this Saturday, April 24 from 1pm- 2pm. These coordinated protests should send a resounding “NO!” to Graham and make him think twice before he gets behind this bill next week.

Here’s where to be and the leaders who are coordinating each event:

Upstate Regional Office: 130 South Main Street, Greenville, SC 29601 (864) 250-1417 

Linda Weeks, 864-288-9744

Midlands Regional Office: 508 Hampton Street, Columbia, SC 29201 

(803) 933-0112

Alan Olsen, 803-466-7217

Pee Dee Regional Office: McMillan Federal Building, 401 West Evans Street, Florence, SC 29501 (843) 669-1505

Karl Peters, 843-610-2608

Lowcountry Regional Office: 530 Johnnie Dodds Blvd, Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464 (843) 849-3887

Vickie Styles, 843-873-8018

Piedmont Regional Office: 140 East Main Street, Rock Hill, SC 29730 

(803) 366-2828

Joe Thompson, 803-526-9567

Golden Corner Regional Office: 124 Exchange Street, Pendleton, SC 29678 

(864) 646-4090

Kathy Murphy, 864-419-5218

I hope to see you on Saturday as we stand up together all across the state for our jobs and families. Thank you for helping us keep up the fight and for spreading the word. If you can’t be there Saturday, please be sure to call your district office and tell Senator Graham you oppose cap and trade.


Allen Page

Southeast Regional Director


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