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South Carolina Club for Growth Endorses Curtis Loftis for Treasurer

April 29, 2010

“Our unemployment rate is too high, special interests still wield too much influence at the Statehouse, and our state’s finances are a mess. Who is to blame? We are never afraid to name names so will start with one – ? State Treasurer Converse Chellis. Chellis needs to be replaced, so I hope you will join me in generously supporting the person working to do just that – businessman Curtis Loftis. ” Chad Walldorf, Chairman, South Carolina Club for Growth

Dear Friends,

I wanted to write you a quick note to ask you to check out the endorsement that I received from the South Carolina Club for Growth. Our campaign is going very well, and I am enjoying traveling to all corners of the State to discuss the need for an energetic new leader in the State Treasurer’s Office. Please check out the endorsement below and please check out our website at I look forward to seeing you soon!



Below is the endorsement from the Club for Growth

Three years ago, the Legislature selected one of their own to fill the Treasurer’s office. They certainly did not choose then-Representative Converse Chellis as Treasurer for his fiscal conservatism,as he earned consistent failing grades on our legislative scorecards and promptly decided to spend nearly $1 million of public funds on TV ads featuring none other than himself. They certainly did not elect him Treasurer to protect our retirement system – as he had consistently voted for policies that created over ten billion in unfunded liabilities for the same system.

Let’s hope they did not elect him for his investing prowess, because shortly after taking office, he led the effort to guarantee an even more generous benefits package for government retirees. Chellis promised that these billions of dollars of benefits would not cost taxpayers anything as they would be “paid for” through higher returns on our investments – mere months before the 2008 stock market crash caused our state investment portfolio to lose over $6 billion. And Chellis was not elected Treasurer for his support of conservatives,having helped cut the deal that led our “Republican” legislature to elect a liberal Democrat and former legislator to a ten-year term on the state Supreme Court.

Chellis was elected by the legislature to return control of the five-person Budget and Control Board to the two liberal legislators who sit on it. That he has done quite well. In his first important action on the board, Chellis voted with his legislative cronies to put a career government employee and top staffer to former Democratic Governor Jim Hodges in charge of our state’s most important agency, instead of the other nominee, a successful Republican businessman and former top aide to Governor Sanford. With Chellis’ help, the good ole boy legislators have been winning similar, critical votes by the same 3 – 2 margin ever since.

Chellis was not only NOT elected by voters to the Treasurer’s position, he never even faced another candidate in any of his prior legislative races. We plan on his first competitive race being his last – andhave the candidate to make that happen in Republican businessman Curtis Loftis.

Curtis Loftis is a proven leader who knows the value of a dollar. After turning his father’s small family business into a large one, Loftis felt a calling to focus full-time on philanthropic endeavors and mission outreach. He founded the Saluda Charitable Foundation and turned it into a major entity focused on serving orphans and the elderly around the world. In the past decade, the Christian-based charity has provided more than 170,000 meals, medical treatment, housing, and education to the least fortunate among us – without a single dime of government support. In recent years, Loftis has grown more concerned about the need for limited, but effective government, so he turned his attention back to his hometown of Columbia.

Not surprisingly, he has been equally as effective in the public sector, first by revamping the Office on Aging by cutting hundreds of thousands of dollars in unnecessary administrative overheadand reinvesting the savings into direct services for needy seniors. Loftis was then asked to join Club-backed Comptroller General Richard Eckstrom to oversee an initiative to bring online check registers to local governments. The successful effort by Eckstrom and Loftis has provided real benefit to taxpayers by dramatically increasing transparency in government spending.

Curtis Loftis is the type of results-driven leader we need in the Treasurer’s office. He does not need the job but knows from his experience that we can, and must, do better. He feels a calling to serve our state. Despite spending $1 million of our tax dollars advertising himself, the current Treasurer is very beatable, as he has limited name ID, a terrible record to defend, and no campaign experience. Since having a strong, common-sense reformer in the Treasurer’s office and regaining the swing vote on the Budget and Control Board are critically important, I urge you to join me in investing the maximum amount in support of Curtis Loftis’ campaign.
—Chad Walldorf
Chairman, South Carolina Club for Growth

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  1. Phil permalink
    April 30, 2010 5:08 am

    Curt is a good man, and I am glad he is running. We need more poeple in state government like him. He is not afraid of the good ole boy system.

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