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Hargett asks Public Service Commission to nix SCE & G rate hike

May 1, 2010

Councilman Larry Hargett, Republican candidate for the 98th House District was the only elected official in Dorchester County to oppose the SCE&G rate hike.

Hargett asks Public Service Commission to nix SCE & G rate hike

For release:     On receipt

Further information:   Larry Hargett, 843-514-7135

Summerville, SC, April 26, 2010—Dorchester County Councilman Larry Hargettt, a candidate for the Republican nomination for the 98th State House District was armed with petitions totaling over 1200 signatures opposing the rate hike when he appeared before the State Public Service Commission’s hearing at the County office building in Summerville tonight.

Councilman Hargett, a leader in opposing the SCE & G rate hike had previously brought the matter up before the Dorchester County Council.  Councilman Hargett said the petitions were placed in 41 business places in the 98th House District and that 53 sheets were filled out with a total of 1210 signatures.  He further elaborated that this process was done in only 1/3 of the County and in a short three week period.  I am sure there are many more residents that oppose this proposed rate hike.

Hargett continued, “This is not the right time to place an additional burden on already over-strapped families.  This proposed increase will add on average $150.00 to the home owner and small businessman.  Can you imagine what would happen to elected officials if they raised property taxes by $150.00 a year?”

Councilman Hargett further stated to the Public Service Board “that they send the proposal back so that SCE & G can trim some expenses and resubmit it.  Many of our local business and industry have had to curtail certain expenditures to stay in business.”

He further asked the Public Service Commission to define what is an accepted public expenditure for SCE & G?  Many elected officials praise them for donating money to charities and for economic development.  “Is this not a pass through from the user?” he asked.  He also noted that SCE & G and its parent company, SCANA have been very generous in making campaign donations to elected officials throughout the State of South Carolina.  He again asked the Commission members and staff to define whether these expenses are included in their proposal.


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