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Gov Sanford’s Response to AG McMaster’s Finding of Facts

May 3, 2010

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Governor Sanford Comments

Columbia, S.C. – May 3, 2010 – Governor Mark Sanford today made the following statement in response to the Attorney General’s announcement earlier today.

“In light of the Attorney General’s decision to put an end to what has been a difficult time for many but brought on by myself, I’d make three brief points.

“First, I’d thank the Attorney General, the Ethics Commission, the Ad Hoc House Committee and the State Law Enforcement Division (SLED) for their deliberate approach and work over the last several months. While I’ve acknowledged repeatedly my own moral failing in this matter, we feel confirmed in our consistent belief that this Administration has always been a stalwart defender of the taxpayer. SLED’s findings, the House Committee’s dismissal of 32 of 37 ethics allegations, and the Attorney General’s decision today reaffirm this long-held belief.

“Second, I committed long ago to joining South Carolinians in moving beyond this distraction, and instead focusing my time and efforts on economic development and job creation, as well as restructuring an archaic state government to make it more efficient and accountable to taxpayers. On these two fronts, recent months have been particularly successful: in addition to Boeing’s record-breaking investment and jobs announcement last fall, South Carolina has added over 6,000 jobs just since December of 2009 for an average of 1,500 more people working per month, and in just the past half year I’ve had the pleasure of joining South Carolinians in welcoming three 1000 plus job announcements to our state – and I’m confident more are to come. In fact, last year South Carolina outpaced the entire Southeast in jobs recruited. On restructuring, our Administration last month signed the first ever comprehensive reform to the Employment Security Commission – creating a new Cabinet-level Department of Employment and Workforce that I believe will take the first steps toward better matching unemployed South Carolinians with open jobs.

“Indeed, even my day today has reflected these priorities: I spent the morning with Boeing Co. officials in North Charleston announcing yet another expansion of their activities and investment in South Carolina; and later today I’ll be joining recently-confirmed Director General John Finan at the Department of Employment and Workforce to talk about steps he’s taking to make that agency much more nimble, effective and accountable to the taxpayer.

“Third and finally, I’d again thank the people across this state who have daily impacted me with their grace and determination. Their support and the message they’ve carried have not been lost, and indeed it’s that commonsense message of reform that propels me to urge a redoubling of efforts here in the final weeks of this year’s legislative session.  There are vital pieces of legislation that have yet to be passed – from accountability measures like roll-call voting and a Department of Administration bill, to efforts aimed at improving our state’s business climate like tort reform. On these fronts and more, I’d ask that people from all corners of the state make their voices heard and help create a brighter South Carolina for this and generations to come.”


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  1. SC Insider permalink
    May 3, 2010 11:51 am

    Keep up the good work Gov.

  2. Worm Farmer permalink
    May 3, 2010 11:52 am

    No doubt this Governor will be missed in short order.


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